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About The-Vug.com Website

Vug (Vuhg) n. – A small cavity in a rock or vein, often with a mineral lining of a different composition from that of the surrounding rock.


There are hundreds of websites dedicated to all the aspects of mineral collecting and the related fields. It does not matter if you are a mineral collector, agate licker, jewelry maker, gemstone dealer, blacklight fiend or fossil nut; there are websites that want to sell you what you need!

Beyond googling the term “Mineral Dealer” or looking at some pages of random links, how are you to know what dealers were out there or how often they updated their website? Search no longer! You have found The-Vug.com your home for ALL THINGS MINERALOGICAL ONLINE.

Started in 2002, The goal of The-Vug.com is to serve as THE web portal to the internet for people interested in Minerals, Fossils, Gemstones, Jewelry and the related mineralogical objects and information.

We show you just who among all the mineral dealers online are updating their websites with new material. We show you where to go to get information regarding all things mineral and rock related. Want to know which mineral museums have websites? The-Vug.com!

Looking for a list of the mineral shows coming up? The-Vug.com! Where can I find a list of eBay dealers? The-Vug.com!

We will be your jumping off point for searching the web for information and sales regarding our fine hobby.

Like a crystal-filled void in a host rock, we hope The-Vug will serve as a treasure trove of information!

If you ever have any questions please feel free to e-mail us at PuStuff@gmail.com

Happy Surfing!

Pu Tzu, The-Vug.com


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