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All Things Ancient in Arizona

My name is Ron Ratkevich and I’ll be your guide through this introduction to Arizona’s ancient history. I built T-Rat.com and I’m solely responsible for its content. It’s all about the incredible world of Natural History in Arizona. Much of my life has been spent as a professional paleontologist or archaeologist, engaged in one way or another with fossils and the ancient history of humans in the American Southwest. But it wasn’t that easy, the quest to understand life on Earth, having only fragments of a 4 billion year old record will always be frustrating to those trying to interpret the story recorded only by chance preservation .


Extensive informational writings on many areas related to gemstones, jewelry, faceting, and diamonds.Tammy Widjaja, Cynthia’s & Tika’s 2006 Site on Gemstones

Rock and Mineral Dictionary

A very good website for kids. Contains lots of info on different types of rocks, crytal structure, formation and general junior high geology.

Fake Minerals Blog

Minerals. For centuries mankind has been facinated by the wild forms of crystals found in nature. But for just as long as they have been sold and traded, people have found ways to make fake mineral specimens. As the owner of The-Vug.com I’ve felt it was neccessary to provide a place to teach people about these scams so that they don’t get “had” by the unscrupulous mineral dealers of the world. So, while my Fakes and Forgeries page on The-Vug.com provides plenty of information about the actual types of fake minerals, this site is designed to POINT the FINGER right at dealers on eBay and on the internet and shame them into CLEANING UP THEIR ACT! If they are just uninformed, then they will change their act, right? If they don’t change, well, then they are just a straight up scam artist, right?

Gemstones of Jewelry

Now, before i begin, I should tell you that this website wont make you rich 🙂 , but If you are a collector, or intending to buy gems, this website will tell you some basic information you need to know about gems and crystals. There are many possible ways to learn more about these precious and semi precious stones. Since there are thoulsands of them, one possible way is to arrange the descriptions of the gems in alphabetical order or organization, second in terms of color and hardness and a third method is in terms of mineralogical system of organization, or a fourth option is to select based on Physical properties, hardness, which is one of the major qualities of a precious stone.

Rockhound Home Page

Get your hard hats on and let’s go digging for some fun and facts!


Welcome to mindat.org the largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet. This site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral localities and other mineralogical information. This site is growing every day, with new mineral information, localities and photographs added by members – why not join so you can keep the site updated with information on areas you are familiar with.

Mineral Information Institute

Great source for all kinds of information about mineralogy. This website has an extensive photo gallery.

Mineral Kindgdom

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom is a free, interactive, educational guide to minerals and gemstones. Extensive information has been researched and categorized. We plan to make it a complete, comprehensive reference. All material is arranged interactively, with an easy to use interface. The content is geared for both amateurs and experts. In addition to the images already available, we plan on adding hundreds more.

Mineralogy Database

This mineral database contains 4,442 individual mineral species descriptions with links and a comprehensive image library. Visit the “What’s New” section for details.


A portal site for mineral collectors with articles, links, software, photos galleries, information, forum as well as a own search engine and directory of web sites about fossils, gems, rocks and minerals.

Rocks and Minerals: Koday’s Kids

A website about rocks and minerals for kids. Information in an easy to under stand format with pictures and ideas for teachers/parents.

Rocks for Kids

This site is for kids of all ages who love rocks. Here you will find out stuff about rocks and minerals and where to go to find out more.

If you already collect rocks then this is the place for you! Find out where you can get more rocks, take a look at some super pictures of rocks, learn how to identify the rocks you already have and discover neat things you can do with rocks.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a rock collection. There is something here for everyone. Come in and browse around and take a look at what rockhounds do for a hobby. If you are doing a school project on rocks and minerals, you will find things here that you can use and you might even enjoy it!


YupRocks.com is dedicated to providing quality, high-resolution rock pictures and mineral pictures. Our main focus is to provide information in the form of photography that allow visitors to better equip themselves for field identification of rock and mineral specimens. This site is maintained for and dedicated to the following groups of people:

1. College students who are studying mineralogy and need assistance in preparing for mineral identification quizzes and tests
2. High School and Elementary Education teachers who are teaching earth science or related subjects and would benefit from the use of this site in the classroom
3. Mineral collectors and enthusiasts who are looking to sharpen their knowledge about rocks and minerals, and enjoy the beautiful specimens displayed in the YupRocks photography collection.

YupRocks.com is devoted to promoting the aesthetic value and natural wonder of rocks and minerals through the use of rock and mineral pictures.