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Rock and Mineral Articles

The-Vug.com Provides thisFree Mineral Article Website as a gift to the Mineral Community!

Enjoy our many years worth of articles, photo tours and information about rocks and gem crystals from around the world!!

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1. Southern California Zeolites and Agate on the 101, Collecting Kanan Road
2. Collecting Blue Kyanite in Philadephia Pennsylvania!
3. The Easter Pocket! – Collecting Tourmaline at the type locality
4. Barite from Palos Verdes California, collecting a legacy
5. The Summit Mine, Montan and amazing Hemimorphite Crystals
6. 2002’s Dragon’s Mouth Pocket, Amazonite crystals found in Colorado
7. The Complete Reference and Guide to the Minerals of Idaho (bookreview)
8. Minerals, Fossils, and Fluorescents of Arizona (bookreview)
9. Cleaning Minerals and Fossils
19. John Cornish’s 2005 Idaho Heulandite Dig
20. New Discovery of Crystallized Gold from the Mockingbird Mine
21. 2006 Fall Denver Show & Topaz Mountain Collecting Trip
22. Radioactive Boltwoodite: New Method Mine, Amboy CA
24. Radioactive Boltwoodite: Goanikontes, Namibia
25. Three Days at the North Home Mine, MT
26. Gemcaper 2006; Austin Gem & Mineral Society
29. Collecting Coyote Range Garnets w/ Cal Graeber
30. Sneak Peak of the Philadelphia Collection
31. The Collector’s Edge Takes China
32. Behind The Collector’s Edge Cleaning Lab
34. Colorado Creedite from Collector’s Edge
35. Rob Lavinsky’s New Jersey Mineral Showcase 2007
36. Underground Art by Chris Tucker
37. An Arizona Story by John Cornish
70. American Mineral Treasures (bookreview)
71. Collector’s Edge Press Release 5-14-08
78. MineralMan.com (Jasun & Mandy McAvoy) Press Release 6-6-08
80. Field Collecting Minerals in the Empire State (bookreview)
107. Dennis Tyrell Finds 4.42 carat White Arkansas Diamond
149. New Crystal Classics Website (Press Release)
241. Glenn Worthington finds 2.04 ct Yellow Diamond!
282. Rice Northwest Museum Gold Collection Stolen
283. Grand Opening May 13, 2010 – Zzyzx Gallery of Natural Science
285. Book Review; Sphere Maker’s Craft by Robert F. Ritchie
286. The Arkenstone Gallery in Dallas, Texas, Grand Opening!
287. Book Review; Topaz – Perfect Cleavage by Lithographie LLC
288. Book Review; Agates from Ploczki Gorne, Poland by Tomasz Praszkier
289. Stolen Chinese Ilvaite Specimen Pics!
290. The-Vug.com Quarterly Magazine; Director’s Cut
291. Book Review; Collecting Arizona by Lithographie LLC

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