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Alaska Bureau of Land Management

Welcome to the Division of Energy and Solid Minerals

All Things Ancient in AZ (Fossil Collecting)

The following is a list of fossil localities in Arizona, and quite a few I have transcribed from my own notebook. Many I have personally collected, while others were either given to me, found through research or are anecdotal in nature. The bottom line is that this is what discovering the clues to what life was like in the geological past….discovering fossils. Some of the locality information is quite detailed, while other sites are referenced to get you into the right area to start your own exploration.

Australian Mines and Localities

A branch off of the retail website, TG Fine Minerals, this website provides information on some of Australia’s More famous mine localities.

Binntal (Switzerland) Mineralogy

This website is regularly maintained and expanded, and its aim is to collect all Binntal mineralogy information. The localities are arranged strictly according to the type of rock. Collectors of Binntal minerals can place their Binntal collection on the site, too. Everyone who wishes to make a contribution, with information, photographs etc., can do so, by contacting the webmaster.

Canadian Fee Collecting Locals

This appendix lists collecting localities open to collectors on a fee basis: an entry fee (E) and/or fee for specimens collected (S), minerals or rocks available, and the name, address and telephone number of the owner or contact person.

Chris’s Mineral Collecting Page

A really great website with infomation about mineral collecting in New Jersey, along with articles on micro-mounting mineral identification and other fun stuff.

Clear Creek Management Area

This is the website outlining the use and regulations of the Clear Creek Managmens Area, located in the Diablo Mountain Range, CA. The link above goes to the main informative page on the area. To see a list of minerals of the Clear Creek Managment area Here

A Collector’s View

crocoite.com is the best site on the net to guide you to information about the minerals and mineral localities of Tasmania, mainland Australia, and New Zealand. Navigate your way using the links.

A Collector’s View

Words cannot describe the thrill of discovering your own crystal specimens. Beware, it can be addictive. Adults seem to experience the excitement of a child while digging in the clay and rocks. You get covered with red clay that stains your clothes and don’t even care. How irresponsible we become while digging for crystal. Specific to Mt. Ida, Arkansas.

Da Yoopers Guide to “The Oldest Antiques on Earth”

Rocks and the Fossils in them, are without doubt, the oldest antiques on earth, and to many people the most interesting of subjects to collect, study and invest in. DaYooper invites you to explore the Michigan rocks, Michigan minerals and Michigan fossils which include some of the oldest available on Earth. The majority of rocks in Michigan were formed from marine sediments and are often rich in marine fossil specimen. In fact, Michigan’s State Stone is a fossilized coral from the Devonian Era called the Petoskey Stone.

Dirty Rockhounds

Time to get out and get Dirty with a Fun and Interactive way of Rockhounding. This site is a meeting place for Collector’s to Trade and Discuss Gem’s and Mineral’s. Please go to the forum and talk with other Collector’s , ask Questions and start Trading..

Franklin & Sterling Hill Minerals

The goal of this Website is to share some of the wonder that surrounds the minerals of Franklin-Sterling Hill, New Jersey. These mineral deposits are among the most unusual in the world.

Photographs and photomicrographs of specimens in the author’s private collection, as well as other specimens, are provided to help illustrate some basic characteristics of a few of these remarkable minerals.

It is especially hoped that this Website will interest an audience outside of the local collector community. Updates will be provided as time permits.


Extensive website of information on all aspects of geology. Many detailed topographic maps, articles, pictures, news, satellite maps and much more! We met Hobart King (website owner) at the 2008 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and had a lovely chat about mineral websites. Hi There, Hobart!

The Geological Society of America: Online Journals

Online journals include Geology, Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, and GSAToday.

Maine Geological Survey

Welcome! Whether you’re a homeowner, student, teacher, planner, or professional geologist, this site is your entryway into the fascinating world of Maine geology. Start your journey with a virtual tour of Maine’s geology. View our new online maps or research your topic through the Bibliography of Maine Geology. Enjoy your visit!

National Atlas

A scalable topographical map of the United States. Use map layers to access geographical information.

Outdoor Fun: Discovering Southeat Arizona

This website gives information on rockhounding and many other outdoor activities.

Pegmatites International

Pegmatites International is a site intended for those who have experienced the Wonderful World of “Pegmatology” (the study of pegmatites) and want to know more. It’s designed for the non-pegmatite specialist, the professional geologist and the beginning and graduate student. It will offer a good starting point for both general and advanced information and provide a greater insight and understanding of these unusual rocks. For the researcher, this will be an excellent place to share information with your colleagues. Our goal at Pegmatites International is to serve as a broad primer for more general and specialized study; to serve as a forum for the exchange of information; to review the state of “pegmatology” and address the problems to be solved in the future.

Prospect Park Philadelphia Kyanite Deposit

Outside of Philadelphia, behind a baseball field in an old early suburban areas, Kyanite of a very decent quality can be obtained. But don’t forget to bring your rubber gloves!


Arkansas quartz crystals, rocks and minerals, and diamonds are famous around the world. Here is the authoritative guide to rock and mineral collecting.

Rockhound Blog

One man’s mineral collecting blog

Rockhound Notes

Come along with us as we explore mines, ghost towns, rockhounding spots, petroglyphs, geocaching and metal detecting sites. We both have a long abiding love of the desert, and use our Toyota Tacoma 4X4 and Jeep Liberty 4X4, as well as our own two feet, to take us to many out of the way areas. Our ‘trips’ page is your gateway to exploring the desert southwest. Our purpose is to inspire you, and to provide you with descriptions and photos of what you might see at a particular spot..

Rockhound Home Page

Get your hard hats on and let’s go digging for some fun and facts!

Rockhound State Park, NM

Located on the rugged west slope of the Little Florida Mountains, Rockhound State Park is a favorite for “rockhounds” because of the abundant agates and quartz crystals found there. Hiking trails provide spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.


Electronic prospecting of rocks, minerals, crystals, lapidary jewelry, spiritual collectibles, and other items for rockhounds. Welcome to rockhounders.com, your claim on the information highway for all electronic prospectors to enjoy. This site contains websites of fellow rockhounders, free classifieds , event and club listings, and much, much more.

Rockhounding the Northern Deserts

The Northern Desert regions of Southern Idaho, Northern Utah , Northern Nevada and South Eastern Oregon hold a wealth of rock and gem material. Hunting in these areas can be a bit different from other rockhounding terrain, however, and the hunter needs to be aware of these differences when planning a desert outing.

Rocks and Minerals

Rock hounding, prospecting and exploring the geology of our environment are a natural extension of the study of mining and their artifacts. Books and relics need to be put in perspective, and the only way to do that is to understand their history and the geology . This can only be done seeing, touching and experiencing it in person.The purpose of this site is to share a collection of rock hounding adventures into the south western deserts and mountains. Many of the sites I have visited are listed in the Gem Trails books available at your local bookstores. What I have found to be lacking, is current information, detailed collection status, site pictures and GPS coordinates. It seems that most of the collection sites in these books are too hard to find and when you finally do get there the materials are of poor quality, It would be useful to at least have a fair expectation of what will be at a given location

Stone Quarries and Beyond

Historical and Geological information on stone quarries and stone cutting through out the USA.

Texas Rocks and Fossils

This is a usefull PDF file provided by the Texas Department of Transportation that has pictures and locations of various rocks and fossils all over Texas. Must have Adobe Acrobat installed to veiw this link, go here for free download

Three Rocks Research

Historical Research & Preservation, Saving Pieces of California History – So that others may know … Three Rocks Research conducts, sponsors and participates in scientific, historical and cultural research that advances the knowledge and awareness of California history.

Uncle Tom’s Mineralogy Info

Back when I was young, I was attracted by seeing old mine tunnels in the Mojave Desert, and the Mountains of Colorado. Much as I wanted to explore, my parents had too much common sense to allow that, it was simply out of the question. So I had to wait a few years to do it on my own and find out that they were right, old mines ARE dangerous.

A person who understands the dangers, has learned about them, and is willing to accept some risks that cannot be eliminated may choose to do some exploring. That is what these pages are all about.

U.S. Geological Survey

As an unbiased, multi-disciplinary science organization that focuses on biology, geography, geology, geospatial information, and water, we are dedicated to the timely, relevant, and impartial study of the landscape, our natural resources, and the natural hazards that threaten us.

Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy

Mineral collecting is a exciting and increasingly popular hobby. This brochure presents an overview of mineral collecting and provides additional information and references useful to the beginning and experienced collector. Mineral collecting is a relatively inexpensive hobby that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and learn about nature. Collecting trips can also be exciting, especially when there is the chance of finding minerals and gemstones of value.


Welcome to my Home Page about The Wannenköpfe, a quarry in the Eifelregion, Germany. The web site features excellent photomicrographs of the many minerals to be found there.

Washington Minerals

Washington Minerals is an educational resource providing information about Washington state’s mineral occurrences and their associated geology. 156 photos, 24 localities … and growing!