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Alkali Nuts: The Mont Saint Hilaire

On the following pages, you will find information on the minerals and environments surrounding Mont Saint-Hilaire (MSH), Québec, Canada.

The term ALKALI – NUTS is a term derived from László Horváth to describe those interested in minerals and studies of alkaline intrusive sites, of which MSH is such a site.

All Things Ancient in Arizona

My name is Ron Ratkevich and I’ll be your guide through this introduction to Arizona’s ancient history. I built T-Rat.com and I’m solely responsible for its content. It’s all about the incredible world of Natural History in Arizona. Much of my life has been spent as a professional paleontologist or archaeologist, engaged in one way or another with fossils and the ancient history of humans in the American Southwest. But it wasn’t that easy, the quest to understand life on Earth, having only fragments of a 4 billion year old record will always be frustrating to those trying to interpret the story recorded only by chance preservation .

The F. John Barlow Mineral Collection

This website is a tribute to the late F. John Barlow.

Binntal (Switzerland) Mineralogy

This website is regularly maintained and expanded, and its aim is to collect all Binntal mineralogy information. The localities are arranged strictly according to the type of rock. Collectors of Binntal minerals can place their Binntal collection on the site, too. Everyone who wishes to make a contribution, with information, photographs etc., can do so, by contacting the webmaster.

Bob’s Rock Shop

Other features to browse here include downloadable freeware and shareware software for rockhounds, a collecting site catalog for the United States and Canada, the Rock Net bulletin board, several collections of entertaining and informative mineralogical articles and essays, contests for rockhounds, the free use, form-accessible Rock Trader classified ads, an extensive US Club list, and rockhound tailored visitor information for Tucson, Arizona, including the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. The gallery of specimen images, which now features over 150 specimens, remains a primary focus of the Shop. The Shop’s extensive link list is being continuously updated and expanded and provides links to many categories of kindred rocky sites.

A Collector’s View

crocoite.com is the best site on the net to guide you to information about the minerals and mineral localities of Tasmania, mainland Australia, and New Zealand. Navigate your way using the links.

Colored Stone

Colored Stone is a bimonthly, international trade magazine that covers all facets of the colored gemstone industry, including new sources for colored gemstones, mining and processing, manufacturing, retail sales, consumer buying trends, marketing and promotion, gem cutting and jewelry design, and technological developments pertaining to the trade.

CS Online is a Web site based on Colored Stone, providing a selection of articles from each issue, as well as news stories and updates.

Chris’s Mineral Collecting Page

A really great website with infomation about mineral collecting in New Jersey, along with articles on micro-mounting mineral identification and other fun stuff.

Da Yoopers Guide to “The Oldest Antiques on Earth”

Rocks and the Fossils in them, are without doubt, the oldest antiques on earth, and to many people the most interesting of subjects to collect, study and invest in. DaYooper invites you to explore the Michigan rocks, Michigan minerals and Michigan fossils which include some of the oldest available on Earth. The majority of rocks in Michigan were formed from marine sediments and are often rich in marine fossil specimen. In fact, Michigan’s State Stone is a fossilized coral from the Devonian Era called the Petoskey Stone.


Extensive informational writings on many areas related to gemstones, jewelry, faceting, and diamonds. Tammy Widjaja, Cynthia’s & Tika’s 2006 Site on Gemstones

Dirty Rockhounds

Time to get out and get Dirty with a Fun and Interactive way of Rockhounding. This site is a meeting place for Collector’s to Trade and Discuss Gem’s and Mineral’s. Please go to the forum and talk with other Collector’s , ask Questions and start Trading..

Fake Minerals Blog

Minerals. For centuries mankind has been facinated by the wild forms of crystals found in nature. But for just as long as they have been sold and traded, people have found ways to make fake mineral specimens. As the owner of The-Vug.com I’ve felt it was neccessary to provide a place to teach people about these scams so that they don’t get “had” by the unscrupulous mineral dealers of the world. So, while my Fakes and Forgeries page on The-Vug.com provides plenty of information about the actual types of fake minerals, this site is designed to POINT the FINGER right at dealers on eBay and on the internet and shame them into CLEANING UP THEIR ACT! If they are just uninformed, then they will change their act, right? If they don’t change, well, then they are just a straight up scam artist, right?

Franklin & Sterling Hill Minerals

The goal of this Website is to share some of the wonder that surrounds the minerals of Franklin-Sterling Hill, New Jersey. These mineral deposits are among the most unusual in the world.

Photographs and photomicrographs of specimens in the author’s private collection, as well as other specimens, are provided to help illustrate some basic characteristics of a few of these remarkable minerals.

It is especially hoped that this Website will interest an audience outside of the local collector community. Updates will be provided as time permits.


Gemfields .com is the virtual meeting place for everyone interested in the Anakie Gemfields, Sapphires and Gemhunting. We have maps of sapphire areas from Sapphire, Big Bessie, Graves Hill, Rubyvale, Middle Ridge, Divide, Glenalva, Reward, Scrub Lead, Tomahawk Creek to the The Willows. We explain how fossicking for sapphire is done on the CQ Gemfields but best of all; here you can discuss your ideas with like minded people, share Gemfields stories or news, find out what the Gemfields have to offer Tourists and learn about Sapphires. This site is intended for the enjoyment and use of the Gemmies, Gemhunters and Tourists from all over the world.

Gemstones of Jewelry

Now, before i begin, I should tell you that this website wont make you rich 🙂 , but If you are a collector, or intending to buy gems, this website will tell you some basic information you need to know about gems and crystals. There are many possible ways to learn more about these precious and semi precious stones. Since there are thoulsands of them, one possible way is to arrange the descriptions of the gems in alphabetical order or organization, second in terms of color and hardness and a third method is in terms of mineralogical system of organization, or a fourth option is to select based on Physical properties, hardness, which is one of the major qualities of a precious stone.


Extensive website of information on all aspects of geology. Many detailed topographic maps, articles, pictures, news, satellite maps and much more! We met Hobart King (website owner) at the 2008 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and had a lovely chat about mineral websites. Hi There, Hobart!


Welcome to the internet’s most exciting gemmology resource with pictures and everything else! We are in the process of adding to our content in the new-look website, so expect more and more gemmological information as the weeks go by.

YOU have a role to play! We invite you to submit gemmological information on rare gemstones. Information on stones like Painite, Poudretteite, serendibite, grandidierite, majorite, jeremejevite, taaffeite, musgravite, benitoite, etc would be most appreciated as we seek to expand on our substantial library of work. Your latest papers and articles are most welcome!


Information and articles on geology, minerals, fossils, volcanos and meteorites. List of associations and museums of geology, mineralogy and paleontology of France.

De nombreuses informations et articles sur la géologie, les minéraux, les fossiles, les volcans, les météorites. Présentations d’associations et de musées de géologie, minéralogie, paléontologie de France.

Note: this website is in French. Here is the page translated to English by BableFish.

The Geological Society of America: Online Journals

Online journals include Geology, Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, and GSAToday.

The GeoZone

Welcome to theGeoZone’s free resources. The following pages provide information and links to equipment, suppliers of products and services of interest to both the armchair and field prospector, a calendar of mineral show and conventions, our research materials, and other relevant topics.

The Giant Crystal Project

The Giant Crystals Project is a web site that deals exclusively with giant crystals and giant mineral aggregates.

Gold Miner’s Headquarters

International recreational gold mining directory

We are a Directory with people every day posting their business, club, or personal web sites. Some good miners take the time to also post relevant information such as where to find geoscience & history museums not listed. We appreciate your help.

Internet Stones.com

This is the World’s first Multilingual Geology / Mineralogy Resource Website .This entire website (including navigation bars) is available in eleven languages. These languages are English (U.S), Arabic, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Liroconite


Welcome to mindat.org the largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet. This site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral localities and other mineralogical information. This site is growing every day, with new mineral information, localities and photographs added by members – why not join so you can keep the site updated with information on areas you are familiar with.

Mineral Information Institute

Great source for all kinds of information about mineralogy. This website has an extensive photo gallery.

Mineral Kindgdom

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom is a free, interactive, educational guide to minerals and gemstones. Extensive information has been researched and categorized. We plan to make it a complete, comprehensive reference. All material is arranged interactively, with an easy to use interface. The content is geared for both amateurs and experts. In addition to the images already available, we plan on adding hundreds more.

The Mineralogical Record

Keep abreast of events in the mineralogical world with The Mineralogical Record. Articles on minerals and collecting sites, show reports, etc. Spectacular color photography. Published bi-monthly.

Mineralogy Database

This mineral database contains 4,442 individual mineral species descriptions with links and a comprehensive image library. Visit the “What’s New” section for details.


A portal site for mineral collectors with articles, links, software, photos galleries, information, forum as well as a own search engine and directory of web sites about fossils, gems, rocks and minerals.


MinMax; Mineral Information System and Open Content interactive community

Minerals Zone

various rock and mineral information.

Mineral Webzine

An on-line mineralogical magazine

Miner’s Cap Lamps

I welcome you to visit my site and check out my collection of lamps, minerals and adventures. If you have found your way here you probably are also a collector or a rockhound. I would appreciate your comments and corrections. I strive to provide accurate and useful information. Feel free to be critical where appropriate and submit your corrections or comments. I would especially like your feedback on my lamp valuations and rockhounding sites.

Ontario Minerals

Welcome to ontariominerals.com, a website dedicated to the minerals of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Rockhound Notes

Come along with us as we explore mines, ghost towns, rockhounding spots, petroglyphs, geocaching and metal detecting sites. We both have a long abiding love of the desert, and use our Toyota Tacoma 4X4 and Jeep Liberty 4X4, as well as our own two feet, to take us to many out of the way areas. Our ‘trips’ page is your gateway to exploring the desert southwest. Our purpose is to inspire you, and to provide you with descriptions and photos of what you might see at a particular spot..

MineralalianAtlas.de (German)

German language web site, with over 24.000 continously growing and updated pages on mineralogy, geology , paleontology, mining, mineral and fossils collecting . Its also a mineral collectors community with roughly 2.400 members exchanging information every minute.

(Sort of like a german mindat)

Mineral Science Dept. Smithsonian Institution

This is the Official website for the Smithsonian Institution’s Mineral Sciences Dept. This Website has inforomation about the collection and an online photo gallery.

The Pegmatite Page

Purpose: The purpose of The Pegmatite Page is to provide a forum for those of us interested in pegmatites (pigs!). Information on recent finds, journal articles relating to pegmatites and information about upcoming shows and conferences.What is a Pegmatite? A pegmatite is simply a very coarse grained igneous rock that usually occurs in dikes (seams of rock that cut across the main country rock) or lenses (pods of coarse-grained igneous rock included in other rocks). Pegmatites can be from a few inches to hundreds of feet thick. What makes many people interested in pegmatites is the fact that many exotic and important minerals, including many gemstones, are found in them.

Rockhound Blog

One man’s mineral collecting blog

Rockhounds Information

This page was established by the members of the Rockhounds email list in 1994 and, as such, it is one of the longest-standing and highest rated rockhound web pages on the Internet. We hope you will find it useful.

Southern Africa Gem & Mineral Showcase

This PORTAL’s main aim is to stimulate trade for the dealer/advertiser corps above … and then also have the secondary objectives of stimulating Rockhound Tourism and the SA RGM Show industry. We do not have a problem to reference other portals/websites in the interest of our Advertisers or Readers – if you click from here to another to find what you we’re looking for, we have achieved what we set out to do – networking the industry!


Basically everything you ever wanted to know about fluorite. History, location information, articles and photographs

Three Rocks Research

Historical Research & Preservation, Saving Pieces of California History – So that others may know … Three Rocks Research conducts, sponsors and participates in scientific, historical and cultural research that advances the knowledge and awareness of California history.

Tsumeb Fine Minerals

This site will be dedicated to showcasing the incredible wealth of collectible mineral specimens that came from the Tsumeb mine over almost 100 years of mining. Most of us, even dealers, never get to see so much of the fabulous array of minerals that have come from this extraordinary location all in one place. As I obtain collections, Tsumeb specimens will be constantly added to this site. It is going to be a constant work in progress, with the ultimate goal of becoming a repository not only of specimens for sale but even more importantly as a reference guide for what is available on the contemporary market from this important location, and how that representation changes with time.

Uncle Tom’s Mineralogy Info

Minerals are an old passion for me. They have led me deep into old mines, to far away places (The University of Chicago), and have in general been a lot of fun.

Washington Minerals: A Photo Gallery

A photographic gallery featuring minerals of Washington State. Searchable by mineral species or locality.