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The websites below are divided up by country.

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A Collector’s View

crocoite.com is the best site on the net to guide you to information about the minerals and mineral localities of Tasmania, mainland Australia, and New Zealand. Navigate your way using the links.


Gemfields .com is the virtual meeting place for everyone interested in the Anakie Gemfields, Sapphires and Gemhunting. We have maps of sapphire areas from Sapphire, Big Bessie, Graves Hill, Rubyvale, Middle Ridge, Divide, Glenalva, Reward, Scrub Lead, Tomahawk Creek to the The Willows. We explain how fossicking for sapphire is done on the CQ Gemfields but best of all; here you can discuss your ideas with like minded people, share Gemfields stories or news, find out what the Gemfields have to offer Tourists and learn about Sapphires. This site is intended for the enjoyment and use of the Gemmies, Gemhunters and Tourists from all over the world.



Alkali Nuts: The Mont Saint Hilaire

On the following pages, you will find information on the minerals and environments surrounding Mont Saint-Hilaire (MSH), Québec, Canada.

The term ALKALI – NUTS is a term derived from László Horváth to describe those interested in minerals and studies of alkaline intrusive sites, of which MSH is such a site.

Geological Society of Canada

The GSC is Canada’s premier agency for geoscientific information and research, with world-class expertise focusing on geoscience surveys, sustainable development of Canada’s resources, environmental protection, and technology innovation.

Ontario Minerals

Welcome to ontariominerals.com, a website dedicated to the minerals of the Province of Ontario, Canada.


     Czech Republic     


A web site specializing in mineral photography, with a photo gallery of minerals and localities. The site is open for all registered users, who can upload their own photos (uploading not yet available in English). Updated two or three times per week plus new photos sent by users.



Association Française de Micromineralogie

Information for micromineral enthusists.


Information and articles on geology, minerals, fossils, volcanos and meteorites. List of associations and museums of geology, mineralogy and paleontology of France.

De nombreuses informations et articles sur la géologie, les minéraux, les fossiles, les volcans, les météorites. Présentations d’associations et de musées de géologie, minéralogie, paléontologie de France.

Note: this website is in French. Here is the page translated to English by BableFish.


List of associations and museums of geology of France and Belgium. Books andweb sites of geological interest. A calendar of shows, conferences, voyages and association meetings.

Présentations d’associations de géologie, minéralogie, paléontologie du Grand Nord de la France et de la Belgique. De nombreux articles, un calendrier des expositions, bourses, conférences, réunions associatives.

Mineral Webzine

An on-line mineralogical magazine


Basically everything you ever wanted to know about fluorite. History, location information, articles and photographs



Yasu’s Fluorite Museum

A Japanese website with pictures of fluorite from all over the world.


     United Kingdom     


Everything you ever wanted to know about Liroconite