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Agates from Argentina

Lot’s and Lot’s of pictures of really swell agates from Argentina.


Basic information onf common types of material used in lapidary work.

American Diamond Buyers Guide

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement diamond, or you just want to know exactly what the fifth C is, our fun, informative guide has all the answers. If you still have any questions after reading our guide please email to info@diamond-guide.com and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Australian Faceting Guild Limited

This website has a very basic, begginer info on everything you need to know about the hobby of faceting. Great for general info, and a little more.


Extensive informational writings on many areas related to gemstones, jewelry, faceting, and diamonds.Tammy Widjaja, Cynthia’s & Tika’s 2006 Site on Gemstones

The Eclectic Lapidary

An internet publication of articles concerning rockhounds, collectors, and lapidary loavers. A great resource and interesting reading.

Gem Fashioning

This is a website of a gem fashioning class given at Emporia State University. It contains guides with picutres and much information that you might not know if you haven’t ever taken a formal class in lapidary and faceting.

Gemology Online

GemologyOnline.com is an interactive gemmological resource dedicated to a better understanding of the relationship between man and gemstones! We explore not only the mineralogical aspects of gemstones but also their lore and legend. Our main intent is to offer credible information. We will attempt to answer any questions relating to gems and jewelry that you may have.

Gemstone Eggs Collections

Welcome to the Gemstone Eggs Collections.

The purpose of this new website, formerly known as ” La passion des Minéraux & Fossiles ” (1997-2004), is to present my polished mineral eggs (or gemstone eggs) collection and the best specimens of some of my collectors friends.

They are around 480 eggs from all over the world in my collection.

This site is ordered by chronological number according to the purchase date. All the missing numbers are eggs which are no longer in the collection because they have been sold or exchanged.

Some eggs are available on this site for purchase or exchange [see the exchange page]

Thank you and enjoy!!

International Gem Society

Articles and information on lapidary, faceting, jewelry and much more. A great resource of information of the person interested in lapidary, faceting or gemstones.

Lapidary Journal

Each issue features great articles on gemstones, artist profiles, the bead and jewelry arts and Step-by-Step’s easy-to-follow workshops on jewelry making, gem cutting, and more. Also included are exquisite full-color photo spreads, the world’s largest international gem show calendar and much more!

United States Faceters Guild

This is linked to the Frequently Asked Questions page of the US Faceter Guild. Here you will find lot’s of articles on various aspects of faceting.