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David K. Joyce Minerals
Here is a website for you that is different! David K. Joyce specializes in Canadian minerals, plus international sulphides, sulphosalts and native elements. Prices are reasonable and quality of the specimens is high. I’ve been dealing in mineral specimens for over 23 years now and have clients that have been purchasing minerals for that entire length of time. My inventory includes, Yukon phosphates, Cobalt Camp silver and accessory minerals, Mont Saint-Hilaire rarities, native elements, Grenville minerals, plus many unusual minerals and obscure localities that you just don’t see on other dealers’ websites. In addition, I have a contract with Goldcorp Inc to prepare and sell gold specimens from the Red Lake Mine, currently the richest gold mine in the world (650 tons per day @ 2.5 troy oz. per ton!). Have a look at that special section of my website.
I do as much field collecting as I can to offer you interesting minerals at reasonable prices. Have a look under the Mineralogical Pot Pourri or Recent Activities sections of the site to see some of my collecting projects. I am always interested in purchasing mineral collections or very good quality mineral specimen surplus from your collecting efforts. Please contact me about this.
I hope that you find something interesting on the website to add to your collection or to use in your research.

Featured Item: Calcite, Baryte

Location: Elmwood Mine,Carthage,Tennessee, USA
Size: 16.0×8.5×8.0 cm
Item #: 20272
Comments: This specimen shows a couple of gemmy, orangey calcite crystals on crudely crystallized barite. The larger crystal is a classic, gemmy, orange, Elmwood scalenohedron. The large crystal has a slight abrasion to the termination. The smaller crystal has a slightly cleaved termination. Displays perfectly!





Images Scientific Instruments Inc.

Science equipment and supplies for schools, educational institutions, educators, students, and consumers around the world.
Your DIY source for information and supplies for science related projects and kits. When you succeed we succeed!

Featured Item: NRC Certified Geiger Counters

Comments: NRC Certification tells you the Geiger counter is as accurate as “accurate” can be! With an NRC-certified Geiger counter, your radiation reading reports are authoritative and acceptable to governmental agencies. NRC has an additional charge.


NRC CERTIFICATION READY – NRC certification can only be given by U.S. Government licensed laboratory. The NRC certificate certifies that the radiation reading from the Geiger counter is accurate.
DETECTOR SENSITIVITY: Detects Alpha particles above 3 MeV in energy. GM tube has a thin mica window that allows alpha radiation to be detected. Beta radiation above 50 KeV; X-Ray and Gamma radiation above 7 KeV.
COUNTING RESOLUTION AND RANGE: 1 Count Per Minute (CPM) – 10000 Counts Per Second (CPS).
RADIATION RESOLUTION AND RANGE: 0.001 mR/hr resolution / 1000 mR/hr Range (Imperial measurements); 0.01 uSv/hr resolution – 10 mSv/hr range (Metric).




As avid collectors for many years we have so much inventory that the time has come to sell and have some fun. Our desire is to bring to you rocks, minerals and fossils that are eye-popping and just plain fun to collect. We love specimens that truly grab your attention and our hope is that you will find that kind of feeling as you go through our inventory.

Featured Item: Botryoidal Malachite

Location: Star of Congo Mine, Katanga, DRC
Size: 11 x 6 x 4 cm
Item #: DES136
Comments: Incredibly smooth, vibrant, bubbly malachite growing on a black shale matrix.



KRISTALLE, operated by Wayne and Dona Leicht, was founded in 1971. Since then KRISTALLE has gained a worldwide reputation for offering the finest quality mineral and gold specimens. The world’s museums consistently come to KRISTALLE to add to their collections as well as collectors from around the world Located in a landmark cottage in Laguna Beach, KRISTALLE is considered the finest gallery of its kind in the world. Thousands of specimens are on display of interest to the beginning collector or the most sophisticated advanced collector. Gold specimens from California have brought KRISTALLE to the attention of the world and no other dealer in the history of collecting has offered the numbers or quality of specimens that are obtainable at KRISTALLE.You can visit the gallery in person, see the KRISTALLE booth at shows around the world or contact us by fax or e-mail. Serious inquiries will be answered in a timely manner. We are buyers for fine mineral and gold specimens as well as antiquarian books.

Featured Item: Barite on Calcite

Location: Elk Creek – Dalzell, Meade County, South Dakota, USA
Size: 6.2 x 6.1 x 4.5 cm
Item #: M1026
Comments: ex. Willard Wulff Collection.




Lehigh Minerals


Location: Green Monster Mine, Clay Canyon, Fairfield, Utah County, Utah
Size: 14.5 x 11 x 4 cm
Item #: –
Comments: –



Other Websites of Interests
Investment Collectables

Investment Collectables: Specialising in Cornish mining. My catalogues offer mineral specimens (Cornish, British and world), mining artifacts and memorabilia, lamps, instruments, tools, tokens, mining photographs 19th. C. and modern, maps, documents, mining postcards and much else.

Italian Minerals

Minerals From Italy and Worldwide

Jonathan’s Mineral Exchange

Mineral exchange is Montreal based dealership. Operating since 1986. Our main aim is to collect and redistribute Canadian minerals to the collecting community. Many local collectors are contributing to our extensive list of local minerals. Following pages show You only a nibble of what we have to offer


Check back regularly as we add new items almost every week!Acrylic Displays: Everything you need to display jewelry, ornaments, art, minerals, literature and more is now easy to buy. We are proud to announce the release of our expanded product line.

Kalahari Minerals

Great mixture of specimens from the Kalahari, Orange River and Namibia! A fine website!

KARP Minerals

The firm KARP was founded in 1990. It is located in the Czech Republic, not far from Prague. It is specialized in dealing in minerals and fossils, especially from the area of the former Soviet Union and Burma. We would like to direct your attention to our wide scale of goods, wide not only in the number of minerals but also in the quality – from inexpensive specimens, often in wholesale with the possibility of discounts, to luxurious top class pieces.

Kaygeedee Minerals

Greetings everyone. My name is Mr. Kerry Day. I am the owner and proprietor of Kaygeedee Minerals, a Canadian company devoted to the mineral collecting hobby. I am an economic geologist/mineralogist/SEM-EDS operator of seventeen years by profession and a mineral collector of twentytwo years by hobby. My web site is subdivided into four sections, namely: i) Common species; ii) Species For Systematic Collectors; iii) New Additions; and iv) EDS. Within Common species you will find an alphabetical listing for the most common 250 mineral species and lapidary varieties known to collectors (in my opinion). Within Species For Systematic Collectors you will find an alphabetical listing of over a hundred rarer species. I do extensive collecting at Mont Saint-Hilaire Quebec and have an extensive list of rare minerals from this locality. Within New Additions you will find, on a monthly or seasonal basis, the new additions to my stock from a variety of sources. If you have requests for specific species/pieces please forward them to me as soon as possible for local collectors consume many new finds/acquisitions before they are listed on the net, and within EDS you will find the details of a qualitative EDS service which I provide.

Kingmike Mining Inc.

Minerals, Fossils, Jewelry, and GiftsWelcome to Kingmike Mining Online where you are sure to dig up unusual and rare items for your collection. We at Kingmike pride ourselves in offering only the finest quality minerals and fossils nature has to offer. The workmanship and material that creates our jewelry and carvings are top grade.

Kingsly North, Inc.

Here at Kingsley North we carry lapidary equipment and lapidary supplies and accessories for rock-hounds and hobbyists. We carry a complete line of rock tumblers, rotary and vibratory, along with abrasive grit and polishing compounds, diamond trim saws, slab saws, lapidary machines, cabbing machines, faceting equipment, and accessories such as diamond discs, tin, ceramic, zinc, and phenolic polishing laps, diamond blades, belts, diamond discs, powders, compounds, faceting supplies, stone slab saws, rockhound supplies, gem cutting and much more.Kingsley North also carries a full line of jewelry findings, cabochons, bead necklaces in both round and chip styles, cotton filled jewelry boxes, gemstone display cases and riker mounts.

We have rough rock for your tumbler or slab saws, plus complete book and video libraries to help your every need. We have everything you may possibly need for your hobby or business involving the art of lapidary.

Kingsley North is your complete lapidary supply house since 1939, serving over 50,000 customers through-out the world with same day service from a full time knowledgeable staff.

Discounted prices from Raytech, Lortone, CrystaliteTM Corp., Diamond Pacific Tool Corp., 3M Company, Foredom Electric, Hi-Tech, Lapcraft Inc., Covington Engineering, True Square Metal, Johnson Bros., Gemini Saw Co., Diamond Tech International, MK Diamond, Estwing Mfg., Donegan Optical, Grobet USA, Dremel Mfg., plus many more.

Lapidary Journal

Each issue features great articles on gemstones, artist profiles, the bead and jewelry arts and Step-by-Step’s easy-to-follow workshops on jewelry making, gem cutting, and more. Also included are exquisite full-color photo spreads, the world’s largest international gem show calendar and much more!

Lane Science Equipment Corp.

Air-Tight Permanent Preservation of Your Valuable SpecimensLane Science cabinets have been the first choice of museums, universities, and individual collectors throughout the world for over 40 years.

R.A. Langheinrich Meteorites

Meteorite collections appraised! High quality museum specimens, including historic meteorites, and rare witnessed falls always available Professional cutting and preparation of meteorites to the highest standards. Buy with confidence from one of the world’s first meteorite businesses, established in 1971

Lang’s Fossils

Fossils for sale â?” this is the place to buy a genuine fossil. We offer exceptional fossil specimens from around the world. Specializing in museum grade eurypterid, trilobite, and ammonite fossils. Excavating and preparing the highest quality fossils since 1971.

Lapis International

ExtraLapis, the prestigeous German monograph series is finally available in English. Gloria Staebler and Guenther Neumeier through the newly formed Lapis International have secured the rights to update and print the series.German publisher Christian Weise recently released the 25th edition of extraLapis, published in Munich since 1991. In addition to extraLapis and numerous other German language, mineral related publications, Christian Weise is the publisher and founder of the widely recognized monthly Lapis, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Using high quality photographs and a variety of authors, extraLapis has brought German-speaking readers a broad view of the science, culture, mining and history surrounding its subjects. Subjects, which have included: Gold, Calcite, Petrified Wood, Topaz, Native Silver, Opal, and Pyrite as well as the rich mineralogical regions of the Austrian Zillertal, the Alps, and the Italian island of Elba.

Lapis International has agreed to publish English edition of all twenty in the series over the next ten years, simultaneously reissuing, in English, new issues in the series following their publication in German. Their first issue on the minerals of the island of Madagascar was published in November 2001.

Lapis International is committed to bringing to its readers the quality for which extraLapis is known. The English editions will employ most of the original color lithographs, printed and bound in Germany in the same quality as the original editions.

Lithographie LLC

LITHOGRAPHIE, LLC began business under the name Lapis International, LLC in 2001, when mineral dealer and small business consultant Gloria Staebler teamed up with mineralogist and Lapis editor Günther Neumeier to publish licensed English-language editions of the prestigious German mineralogical monograph series extraLapis. Working with author Federico Pezzotta, pegmatite specialist William “Skip” Simmons and translator Alfredo Petrov, the pair published Madagascar, the first extraLapis English monograph, in December 2001. While the English edition of Madagascar was updated and re-edited, it remained was fairly close to the German original. For the second extraLapis, Emeralds of the World, the late John Sinkankas and then Royal Ontario Museum gemologist Terry Ottaway were guest editors. John encouraged Gloria and Günther to depart from the German editions by replacing select texts with articles designed to give the books a more international appeal. John also introduced more rigorous editorial standards, insisting that the quality of the texts matched that of Lapis’ stunning illustrations. He was adamant that the English issues should include a reference list.

Lowcountry Geologic

Lowcountry Geologic is not only a direct source for megalodon and other fossil shark teeth, but we also offer fossils from around the world. We strive to bring our customers the best value for their investment. The quality of our material is our first priority, and we keep our prices reasonable.We welcome you to browse our web site. If you have any questions, please contact us with our online form or by telephone. If there is a fossil you are looking for that you don’t see on our site, chances are that we can acquire it for you. We can find fossils for you on a commission basis.

Luiz Menezes; Fine Brazilian Minerals

The founder, Luiz Alberto Dias Menezes Filho, is a mineral engineer, graduated in 1973 in the “Escola Politecnica da USP”. He collects minerals since he was 10 years old.Luiz was one of the founders of the Brazilian Mineralogy Association (1965), which he directed for eight years.

Since may 1998, Luiz Menezes has been working full time for the company. He is considered a mineral expert in Brazil and overseas. He was awarded for his dedication to mineralogy by a group of researchers who named a recently discovered mineral after him (Menezesite).

He attends the best mineral shows around the world, where he shows his work.