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This page is updated every other month and features all of the advertising sponsors of The-Vug.com. Each dealer is verified by The-Vug.com as a quality dealer. Scroll down the page to see a sample of what each mineral dealer sells.

Open Adit West
Rocks & Minerals


Open Adit West
We are committed to offering quality specimens at reasonable prices. Acquiring fine mineral specimens that fit your budget is easy and safe with Open Adit West. Compare our prices with other Internet dealers and you will find that we are quite competitive, and often much cheaper for equivalent specimens. How? Because we buy directly from the source, eliminating the middleman. We literally scour 1000’s of specimens looking for the best, at the lowest prices.Every specimen in our store is handpicked as one we would be proud to include in our own collections. We do our best to acquire unique and interesting specimens that are just down right sexy to look at! We make it easy for you to build a top shelf collection without breaking the bank! If you don’t see what you are looking for, drop us a line. Finding and offering affordable specimens is our business. 
Featured Item: Aquamarine Crystals

Location: Nagar, Pakistan
Item #: ow9305zzst
Comments:  Pale blue aquamarine crystals have a few blades of pale yellow muscovite near the base. The faces of the aquamarines are lustrous. This specimen is from Nagar, Hunza Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The overall dimensions of the specimen are 5.6 cm wide by 5.4 cm tall and 4.1 cm front to back. There are a few minor chips to crystal edges and contact at the base.





Welcome to RadioactiveMinerals.com!Your home on the Internet for information about, and for specimens of, minerals that are radioactive!Inside you will find articles on individual deposits of radioactive minerals around the world, information about individual radioactive minerals, links to other resources online and specimens of radioactive minerals available for purchase.

Featured Item: Autunite on matrix

Location:  French type locality
Size: 3.3 x 2.9 x 2.5 cm
Item#: 365
Comments: Fine sample of Autunite from the premier French location. Clusters on a granular quartzsite matrix. Best to be placed in one spot with minimal handling.


Featured Item: Some African Beauties: A Pictorial


Some African Beauties: A Pictorial
by Jeffrey A. Scovil
Jeffrey A. Scovil, a well-known professional mineral photographer, is the author of Photographing Minerals, Fossils, and Lapidary Materials (Geoscience Press, 1996). He is among those featured in The Grandmasters of Mineral Photography (Mineralogical Almanac, 2004).





Featured Item:

Thumler’s MP-1 Rock Tumbler

The Perfect Rock Tumbler Kit for the Beginner Small, Economical, Quiet, Easy and Fun!

– A Thumler’s MP-1 rock tumbler.
– A soft rubber barrel for quiet operation (see video below).
– Two-pound barrel (tumbles about one pound of rock).
– Enough rough rock to produce one batch of tumbled stones.
– Enough grit & polish to process one batch of tumbled stones.
– Heavy plastic base that encloses a standard quality motor.
– A booklet: “Guide for Rock Polishers”.
– A jewelry kit to make gifts from your tumbled stones.
– Thumler’s Tumbler Warranty

The MP-1 is the perfect rock tumbler for a person who wants to try rock tumbling without making a big investment. In our opinion it is the lowest priced tumbler on the market that is quiet, easy-to-use and will last through many batches of rocks. Because of its small size, it has the lowest operating cost for rough, grit, polish and electricity.

This tumbler is recommended for users who are age 14 and up. If you have a child who is interested in rock tumbling this is a project that you should always do with your child. The tumbler has an electric motor and moving parts and the barrel requires a little strength and coordiation to open.

Other Websites of Interest

Namibia Minerals

Mineral specimens from Tsumeb, Erongo, Brandberg and other sites in Namibia. Tsumeb minerals for the connoisseur!

Natures Finest Creations

Featuring the artwork of world famous mineral artist Fredrick Wilda.

Mikon Online

Laboratory equipment, chemicals and extensive mineral collection.

H. Obodda Minerals

Long Time Dealer and Collector, Herb Obodda

Opal Shop

Welcome to Opalshop, the place where great deals are made. Shopping for a bargain online couldn’t be easier, or safer. All orders are encrypted by SSL through our secure server and come with a 7 Day ‘no quibble’ money back guarantee.

Our Gangue Minerals

Wonderful selection of Fluorite and associated minerals from Illinois and the surrounding area

Don & Sara Parsons

Don and Sara Parsons: Minerals, fossils, carvings. Complete line of Raynox quality accessory lenses for camcorders, digital still cameras and digital videa cameras.

Peak Valley Gems

We’ve been in the stone business for thirty years. We specialize in aquamarine minerals. We also carry tourmaline, topaz, lapis, kunzite, custom jewelry pieces with precious gems and cut stones. Most of our products come from the beautiful mountains of Pakistan. Make sure to check us out at the many gem and mineral shows throughout the USA.

Penn Minerals

Welcome to Penn Minerals! Our mission: —To offer you the finest in rocks, minerals and fossils from the great state of Pennsylvania! —To keep you updated on productive collecting sites that are accessible to the general public. —To maintain a complete list of rock and mineral clubs in Pennsylvania to help you enjoy rockhounding!

Pickens Minerals

Pickens Minerals has a wide variety of minerals to offer to the collector, from beginner to advanced. All specimens are individually selected, and are of the highest quality by color, aesthetic quality and collector appeal. You can order on a secure server from my On-Line Collection , all specimens are listed by locations. Or use the image map guide at the bottom of all pages. See page 7 of More Neatstuff for Afghanistan and Pakistan Minerals. My full color catalog has 44 pages with more than 160 color photos. Our catalog is $5.00, fully refunded upon order. Give me a call, drop me a line, write me a letter, Email or see me at my address, appointment is necessary.

Pinnacle 5 Minerals

Pinnacle 5 Minerals is a family operated business. You’ll see Susan at the shows. She specializes in gems and jewelry and can assist you in finding the “just right” piece of jewely, many of which use Colorado or Montana gemstones. Krystle, now in college, also attends shows and promotes the gems and jewelry. Both Scott and Tim grew up mining with their father, and are responsible for collecting, cleaning, and repairing many of the specimens. Both sons attend gem and mineral shows whenever possible and are knowledgeable mineral dealers. Joe began collecting gems and minerals at a young age and built his hobby into a specimen mining and selling business. He is also a bench jeweler and artist. Occasionally some of his other pieces will be featured on these pages.

Poly-Metric Instruments, Inc.

Faceting machines, from a family involved in the business for 50 years.

Potomac Display

Display products – Do you have a something to display? We offer many presentation options to present your valuable antiques, collectibles, merchandise, or curios in an eye-catching exhibit. Whether you require a display case or fixture, a stand, a showcase, a shadow box, a riser, steps, an easel, a hanger, or a dome — you have come to the right place. We can satisfy all of your showplace needs.


We have a complete line of Lapidary Equipment and Supplies! Check out our Faceting Machine, Trim Saws, Crystal Sphere Makers, Rock Tumblers, Digital Gem Scales, Faceting Laps, Faceting Compounds, and top quality Gemological Instruments from loupes and microscopes to refractometers and chelsea filters.

Proton Minerals

Wonderful assortment of Canadian Minerals.

Rock & Gem

Since 1971 R&G has been the leading magazine for the lapidary and mineral hobbyist. We capture the fun and excitment of rockhounding, gathering mineral specimens at their source. We guide our readers step-by-step though the creative processes of jewelry making, from the simplest beginner projects to the advanced skills of faceting.Our knowledgeable authors make mineral science understandable and inviting. Outstanding color illustrations add to the lure of some of nature’s greatest beauties.


Although until only recently these treasures have been recognized in the international markets of the world, Gemstones & Minerals from these Areas have been marketed to collectors, Jewelers & hobbyist, since the early 70s. Mostly misrepresented from their actual origins, for reasons only well known to those who did the misrepresentations, thankfully this is no more the status quo.

Rocks of Ages

Rocks of Ages carries a large inventory of fine mineral specimens from around the world. We specialize in classic localties and cabinet sized specimens. We often have fine minerals from the western United States as well.

Rogers Minerals

Roger’s Minerals is a part-time mail order business dedicated to satisfying the needs of mineral collectors world-wide. Whether you collect for a museum, a school, a researcher, a collector or a prospector, you may find exactly what you are looking for at this site. I specialize in rare species but also recycle old collections. This gives my stock a wide variety of choices. The prices are competitive and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Three choices are given at this site: a main mineral list and a micro mineral list. The main list covers specimens from micromount to cabinet size and the micro list describes micro to thumbnail species. The lists are condensed for convenience. As a third choice, included is a New Mineral Additions list.

Ed Rogers Rare & Out of Print Geoscience Books

Our “new catalog” contains photographs of selected works. Since this new feature generated many favorable comments, the number of featured works has been expanded. If you click on the small image you can look at a book in larger and greater detail. The “new catalog” features primarily works in paleontology and mineralogy.

Rough County Minerals

Hi my name is Dave Blakmore and I live on the north Island of New Zealand in the small town of Wanganui.The town has a population of about 45,000 and is situated on the river of the same name (Whanganui).