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UC Minerals

Welcome to my site! UCMINERALS.COM offers mineral specimens for all ranges of collecting interests. We carry hundreds of quality mineral specimens for any range of mineral collecting interests, from the beginning mineral collector to the advanced mineral collector.UC Minerals is really a company called Uniquely Crystalline, I just liked the name UC Minerals better than my current name because it better describes what my web page is all about…You see minerals. I have been an avid collector for about fifteen years now, and have had this company for the last 11 years. Over the years, I have built up quite an inventory of specimens from around the world. I have specimens ranging from exceptional, one-of-a-kind, specimens for the collector to reference pieces for the beginning collector. If you have any particular interests, just drop me a line and let me know. If I do not have an item in stock, it is very likely that I can find it for you.

I Participate in John Veevart’s Mineral Auctions at www.mineral-auctions.com

Featured Item: Fluorite and Quartz

Location: Pine Canyon Deposit, Grant County, New Mexico
Size: H: 8.5 cm ,W: 7 cm ,D: 4 cm
Item #: 916041
Comments: A fantastic specimen from the collection of J. Murray (Texas). The specimen consists of a white quart matrix which has been etched back to reveal numerous green and purple translucent octohedral crystals of fluorite. Excellent presentation and condition.





I love the chase, and just having had the treasure is my fulfillment. I don’t feel the need to keep these treasures. Actually I don’t even have a place that I would keep them. I do, however, need to finance my obsession, so I offer these treasures to you at fair prices so that I can continue the journey and the adventure.

This way we all win…you get great treasures and I get to keep adventuring to get them.

Featured Item: Amethyst crystals

Location: Las Vigas, Veracruz, Mexico
Size: 2.5 x .8 x .6 cm – 3g
Item #: 16ZZ2015
Comments: Three sharp Amethyst crystals with good luster and a nice, delicately hue indicative of the locality. The middle one is a cute cluster in a ‘Y’ shape! All perfect for wraps or as TN specimens!. Quite appealing, from the famous Veracruz locality in Mexico. Better in person!


Viamineralia.com is a project of two mineral-enthusiasts from Austria. Robert and Martin are giving their best to offer you not only fine minerals with excellent photos. At viamineralia.com you can find very interesting articles with show reports, field trips, portraits of collectors etc. The website is updated frequently (1-2 times each month) to give you a wide selection!

Featured Item: DIOPTASE

Location: Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia
Size: 5,0 x 4,3 x 3 cm
Item #:  (407)
Comments: A large – 16mm across – main crystal exposed in the center of small matrix. Unfortunately Dioptase is horrible to photograph, so I really have to note, that luster and color is much better in person. This crystal is razor sharp terminated, lustrous and gemmy as good as it could be. The color is deep and intense green, that´s best quality. The assemble is well balanced and very aesthetic. In this quality and such aesthetic it is hard to obtain. No significant damages to report.


Weinrich Minerals Inc.We are full time professional mineral dealers with nearly 40 years of experience in the mineral collecting hobby, and 25 years and counting in business. There are thousands of photographed specimens currently on our website, all for sale. We try to have something for every budget. We look forward to you visiting our website. Dan & Diana Weinrich


Location: Merelani Hills, Lelatema Mts, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Size: 9.0 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm (small-cabinet)
Item #: 1113601
Comments: Good large tanzanite crystals are seldom seen available on the market. Good large groupings of tanzanite are even more rare. This is an excellent grouping of terminated deep purplish to blue glassy tanzanite crystals, the largest measuring 7.2 cm in length. Complete all around and very clean of damage. Some of the crystal areas are translucent, some show areas of transparency. Measures 9.0 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm in size overall. This is an outstanding large example for this gem species! Ex Dawn and Jim Minette collection WW295. Previous labels showing that the specimen was in the special exhibit of the 2002 East Coast gem and mineral show, as well as a label from the recent special displays at the Munich mineral show 2017. Ex Dawn & James Minette collection.


Well-Arranged Molecules

If you enjoy fine, aesthetic crystallized minerals and especially if you have an interest in the exciting new discoveries in Chinese minerals, this is the right place! We travel extensively searching for fine minerals, unknown localities, and seek new, rare, exotic and? well-arranged? examples of the mineral kingdom. We will be adding frequent updates, minerals for sale, breaking news and try to provide accurate details regarding locations, analysis and other mineralogical topics. We welcome your comments, ideas and contributions!
Our stock for sale is carefully selected, unconditionally guaranteed, and we feel represents exceptional value in terms of quality and price. As China has become a major source of the very best examples ever found for many species (and at reasonable prices for most collectors) we have made this fantastic source our specialty. We do also deal in and seek minerals from other world locales (especially South America). Please do contact us with your needs, our current stock exceeds 2,000 pieces and only a small percentage is on this site or goes to shows. We take pride in finding great stuff for collectors who appreciate minerals with molecules (and atoms, unit cells etc) that are well arranged!

Featured Item: Dravite- Classic locale

Location: Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, New York, United States
Size: 4.3 x 3.8 x 2.2 CM (miniature)
Item #: 118-AX-30-071
Comments: A stunning classic Dravite specimen with honey brown lustrous crystals nicely exposed on matrix. Ex Carter Rich and Bill Hladysz, this is in remarkable condition, with only contacts on the back and one side but no damage at all. These old Gouverneur specimens (St Lawrence County, NY) rarely have such sharp form, warm color and strong esthetics.


We are Karin and Wolli. Both of us have been collecting minerals since we are small children. So we also met on a mineral show, felt in love undergrounds in the old mines of the Lavrion district and married 1 year later-this was in 1997. Short time later we bought a big old farmers house to have plenty of space for our minerals. Our career as mineral dealers started in 1986. Our specialties are minerals from the Black Forest , the Lavrion district in Greece and at least worldwide old timed specimen and aesthetic minerals. We’ve written several articles about the minerals of Lavrion and the Black Forest. So we are the only authors who have written two complete Lapis double issues. Also we are owners of one of the world’s best Lavrion collections. Several specimen are self collected underground and also bought directly from the local people, that’s the secret of our good prices. So please test us, our serious and authenticity, you will be surprised.

Featured Item: Tanzanite

Location: Merelani Hill | Umba Valley | Arusha | Tanzania
Size: 4.0 x 4.8 x 2.8 cm / 1.6 x 1.9 x 1.1 in (miniature)
Item #: S-E/0104
Comments: Wonderful, partly transparent, blue to brownish, highly lustrous tabular tanzanite crystals up to 2.5 cm high on matrix from the type locality Merelani Hill, Arusha, Tanzania, associated with lustrous, golden metallic, complex pyrite crystals. The tanzanite crystals are quite sharp, with only very negligible softness on some of the edges, and what is most important, untreated and still showing blue color. Pieces like this one, with untreated blue tanzanite crystals on matrix have really been rare and therefore this is a real small jewel for any collector of gemstone crystals and high quality aesthetic minerals.


Wilensky Minerals

Minerals for the advanced collector.

Featured Item: Copper

Location: Calumet Mine, Houghton Co., Michigan
Size: 2 1/2″ wide
Comments: Copper with large sharp well defined crystal faces is a very rare occurrence. This example has the finest crystal structure, unusual form, and great luster while still retaining the original untouched patina surface. It is extremely unusual to find such a refined and complete three dimensional crystal on a contrasting crystallized matrix. We consider this among the finest Michigan Coppers known.


Introduction:Tc-Mineral-China were founded by Mr. Weigang Chen 2002 year,Mr.Chen Collecting minerals since 1997,Online since 2002,and from 2003 to 2007 year,Mr.Chen digging the Spessartine/smoky quartz from Tongbei,Yunxiao,Zhangzhou,Fujian,China,After the garnet mine finished,From 2009 to 2013 Mr.Chen digging the famous wulfenite from the Sotne crack mine,Kuruktag Mts,Xinjiang,China.after the Wulfenite mine closed,2014 year,Mr.Chen digging the transparent small crystal deep red wulfenite/green pyromorphite Ganzhou,Jiangxi,China,from 2015 year until now,Mr.Chen with his team still digging on the new Project,As the new project still have not finish,so,it is still a secret,but not a long time when the mine finished,it will public.
Searching and Digging nice minerals from China is Mr.Chen’s Life,He have the best team,they had diggig more than 13 years in China already,and now,they are still working,They will bring more surprised the minerals to the hobbyist on the world!

Featured Item: Wulfenite

Location: Sotne crack mine,Kuruktag Mts,Xinjiang,China
Size: 1*1cm
Comments: The transperant crystal to 1.1cm,good luster.


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UV SYSTEMS, Inc. brings you a complete line of high-technology ultraviolet lighting products and component parts. Treat yourself to the best equipment in the ultraviolet spectrum. Check our specifications. You will see exceptional quality comes at an affordable price. UV SYSTEMS, Inc. has set the standard for quality ultraviolet lights. Designed by a lighting engineer – who is also a mineral collector – especially FOR mineral collectors, these durable lights feature a strong, lightweight aluminum housing and deliver more UV output than any other lights of their type on the market.

Village Smithy Opals

We are dedicated to bringing the collector a selection of fine quality unique and unusual fluorescent minerals. We have worked very hard to establish reliable sources of these unusual specimens. Many from Canada, England, Greenland, Mexico and the United States. We have visited some of our sources, allowing us to choose the best specimens available. We are always look for new sources and welcome your suggestions!

WARD’S Natural Science

WARD’S Natural Science has been meeting the needs of the science education community since 1862 from middle school and high school-level classroom and home school studies to college curriculum, lab experiments, science fairs and hobbies.We’re your single source for the highest quality Biology, Biotechnology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Forensics, Physical Science, and Chemistry science teaching supplies.

Western Minerals

Western Minerals has over 40 years of experience as a purveyor of fine specimens to major museums, universities and private collectors, as well as conducting appraisals to meet their current needs.The uniqueness of the mineral world has enabled us to meet people of various professions and nationalities, which has resulted in many wonderful and lasting friendships.

Xtal – Dennis Beals

We started XTAL in 1988 to provide top quality mineral specimens from Mexico. I go to Mexico six times each year to search out what’s new and exciting in old classics and new finds for collectors, museums and wholesale dealers.