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Welcome to the-vug.com Social Media page.

The times they are a changing and the-vug.com is changing right along with those times.

In the 21st Century, FaceBook, Instagram and Etsy Twitter and others have become huge centers for mineral sales and news.

Below you will find hand-selected members of those communities who provide both minerals for sale in those venues and important information on minerals.

Many times the newest information is released through these venues. Please browse through these offerings and keep up to date on the latest discoveries.

Just like the rest of the sections of the-vug.com, the Social Media section advertisers have gone through a stringent background check to be approved to be in this section.

We only allow those sellers who backup their products and provide pertinent information about the minerals they offer for sale.

If you have a Social Media presence or know somebody who has one you feel is worthy of being listed here, please pass along the info to them, and send us an email and we’ll check them out to make sure they meet our standards.


The Uncarved Block

Pu Tzu