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Agates from Argentina

Lot’s and Lot’s of pictures of really swell agated from Argentina.

Athena: Mineral Pictures

Pierre Perroud. This site is an incredible resource for mineralogists. All known mineral species are listed in a database. The information can be accessed from a alphabetical list, by the Strunz Classification, or by group. For each mineral there is information on its chemical and physical characteristics. Finally there is a huge gallery of photographs specializing in many of the rarer mineral types you won’t find elsewhere on the web. Highly recommended

Mike Bainbridge Photography

Photogrpahy of primarily Canadain Minerals.

Best of Photographers & Best of Collectors

Best of Photographers includes mineral photos taken by famous photographers such as Jeff Scovil, Wendell E. Wilson, Stephan Weiss, Rainer Bode, Roberto Appiani, Louis-Dominique Bayle etc. All the photos have been selected by the photographers themselves.

Best of Collectors gives the collectors the opportunity to share their collections through a selection of 20-25 photos . Many well known collectors have already agreed to be part of this project: Martin Zinn, Bill Larson, Herb Obodda, Steve Smale, Jack Halpern, Desmond Sacco, Adalberto Giazotto, José Miguel Cavia, Gilles Haineault, … The aim is to give neophytes, through these examples, a passion for collecting.

Binntal (Switzerland) Mineralogy

This website is regularly maintained and expanded, and its aim is to collect all Binntal mineralogy information. The localities are arranged strictly according to the type of rock. Collectors of Binntal minerals can place their Binntal collection on the site, too. Everyone who wishes to make a contribution, with information, photographs etc., can do so, by contacting the webmaster.

Cochise College: Photo Index of Minerals

Most common minerals are identified visually by taking into account color, transparency, luster, crystal shape, cleavage, bruising, mineral habit, and mineral associations. This knowledge is acquired by observing many examples of how minerals may vary. This collection of mineral photos has been designed to assist in this learning process.

Digital Mineral Photography

Learn the “how to’s” of digital mineral photography from expirienced dealer and collector, John Betts.


This is a Photo Archive of Minerals from Around the World. This archive also contains a large selection of Swedish Minerals. Sorted in alphabetical order. Spellings are Swedish standard. Red marks Swedish Minerals. They are marked “Sverige”.

Alan Guisewite’s Mineral Collection

The uncredited images are mine – the remaining images are attributed to and copyrighted by their respective authors. Any errors in attribution are mine (and accidental) – if (when) you find any please get in touch with me, adg@cmu.edu, so I can correct them. Obtaining quality specimens through the Web and online auctions has made it possible for me to have a much better collection than I would have otherwise and I don’t want to slight anybody!

My images are essentially unretouched – I have occasionally increased the contrast or sharpness to clarify things. I don’t have a lot of control over the lighting – it’s warmer than I’d like, and the camera tends to oversaturate a little. So, my i mages tend to come out a little redder than they appear in person.

Kato’s Mineral and Fossil Collection

This is the mineral and fossil colleciton of Shinichi Kato, a Japanese collector.


Welcome to mindat.org the largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet. This site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral localities and other mineralogical information. This site is growing every day, with new mineral information, localities and photographs added by members – why not join so you can keep the site updated with information on areas you are familiar with.

Mineral Information Institute

Great source for all kinds of information about mineralogy. This website has an extensive photo gallery.

Mineralogy Database

This mineral database contains 4,442 individual mineral species descriptions with links and a comprehensive image library. Visit the “What’s New” section for details.

Per’s Fotoblog

One man’s mineral photoblog. This website is in German

A. E. Seamans Mineral Museum Online Gallery

Photo gallery of minerals from Michigan a few other places.

Mineral Science Dept. Smithsonian Institution

This is the Official website for the Smithsonian Institution’s Mineral Sciences Dept. This Website has inforomation about the collection and an online photo gallery.

Mining Artifacts & History

This website is dedicated to those who daily faced the danger, uncertainty, darkness, dampness, heat, and cold of underground mining, intrepid men who where drawn to toil the depths of the earth.

Molecular Expressions

Welcome to the Molecular Expressions website featuring our acclaimed photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy. We are going where no microscope has gone before by offering one of the Web’s largest collections of color photographs taken through an optical microscope (commonly referred to as “photo-micro-graphs”). Visit our Photo Gallery for an introductory selection of images covering just about everything from beer and ice cream to integrated circuits and ceramic superconductors. These photographs are available for licensing to commercial, private, and non-profit institutions.

Washington Minerals: A Photo Gallery

A photographic gallery featuring minerals of Washington State. Searchable by mineral species or locality.

Photography for the World Wide Web

An online essay on how to take pictures for use on websites and online auctions. Presented by John Veevaert, owner of Trinity Minerals.


This web is aimed mainly to mineral and locality photos. Tons of interesting specimens and documentation is covered by dust in private collections and not widely available. So let’s try together to uncover these treasures! We have now over 2000 photos listed and growing every day

Jeff Scovil Photography

Contains mineral (and other) photo galleries of Jeff Scovil’s award winning photography.

About the photographer: Jeff Scovil is Associate photographer for the Mineralogical Record and Rock and Minerals magazines. He is and internationally published photographer whose work can be found in most of the mineral and lapidary magazines in the United States as well as France, Germany and Russia. Jeff is also the author of the recently published “Photography of Minerals, Fossils and Lapidary Materials”. He has run the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Seminar in Mineral Photography since 1986 and their Mineral Photography Slide Competition since 1988. Jeff lectures widely on the topics of mineral and gem photography plus mineralogy, and travels widely photographing for dealers, collectors and museums.

Note: this website is not netscape/firefox (and possibly other browser) compatable


Basically everything you ever wanted to know about fluorite. History, location information, articles and photographs


Stereoviews (stereophotographs) of various objects, including minerals, by stereograph artist, Terry Wilson.


A very large and very extensive gallery of photographs of minerals including many of the rarer one. For each mineral species the physical characteristics are given and one or more photographs. Recommended.

Mike Woodward Photography

Photographer Mike Woodward has an eye for the unusual and the striking. These stunning photographic images are printed directly onto premium quality artist canvas. They are made to order in custom sizes up to 4 ft. x 6 ft.

Yasu’s Fluorite Museum

A Japanese website with pictures of fluorite from all over the world.


YupRocks.com is dedicated to providing quality, high-resolution rock pictures and mineral pictures. Our main focus is to provide information in the form of photography that allow visitors to better equip themselves for field identification of rock and mineral specimens. This site is maintained for and dedicated to the following groups of people:

1. College students who are studying mineralogy and need assistance in preparing for mineral identification quizzes and tests
2. High School and Elementary Education teachers who are teaching earth science or related subjects and would benefit from the use of this site in the classroom
3. Mineral collectors and enthusiasts who are looking to sharpen their knowledge about rocks and minerals, and enjoy the beautiful specimens displayed in the YupRocks photography collection.

YupRocks.com is devoted to promoting the aesthetic value and natural wonder of rocks and minerals through the use of rock and mineral pictures.