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Mineral dealers in the A-C section include favorites like The Arkenstone, Russ Behnke, John Betts, Collector’s Edge. This page is updated every other month and features all of the advertising sponsors of The-Vug.com. Each dealer is verified by The-Vug.com as a quality dealer. Scroll down the page to see a sample of what each mineral dealer sells.

AA Rockshop
The Adelaide Mining Co.
Apex Fine Minerals
Architectural Minerals & Stone
The Arkenstone
Asbestos Minerals
Astro Gallery
Barnett Fine Minerals
Russ Behnke Minerals
John Betts Fine Minerals
Böhm Mineralien
Boren and King
Chuck’s Rocks
Collection Arkane
The Collector’s Edge
The Collector Showcase
Crystal Fraction
The Crystal Mine


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Suggested Websites

AA Rockshop

Affordable Mineral Specimens From Around the World
Featured Item:

Location: Sweet Home Mine, Mount Bross, Alma District, Park County, Colorado
Size: thumbnail – 1.9 x 1.2 x 1.1 cm
Item: USRDS01
Comments: This specimen consists of a single rhodo rhomb that displays a bit a internal gemminess. A bit of attached matrix and a few edge “scuffs”, but otherwise intact and the color is cherry red.



The Adelaide Mining Company

The historic Adelaide Mine located near Dundas in Tasmania, world famous for its beautiful crocoite specimens, has now been purchased from its owner of over 30 years, Frank Mihajlowits, by recently established enterprise, The Adelaide Mining Company Pty Ltd (TAMC for short). TAMC was created with the main aim of mining Tasmanian mineral specimens and then marketing these internationally. As well as the crocoite for which the mine is most renowned, TAMC will also be searching for the other related minerals which can be found at this location, these include dundasite, cerussite (plain and chrome), phosgenite and embolite, just to name a few.

A large number of good crocoite specimens have already been recovered during the early work carried out.
These specimens have been comprised of a wide assortment of varying types, with crocoite found in many different colours, crystal habits and formations. One type of particular note being specimens that feature crocoite along with gibbsite, exhibiting multiple generations of growth in intricate tree like structures.

In addition to those minerals mined by itself, TAMC is also actively seeking out fine Tasmanian (and other Australian) mineral specimens, by either trade, purchase or to sell on consignment, in order to market them to the rest of the mineral collecting world.

Featured Item:

Location: Altyn-Tube, Karagandy Province,Kazakhstan
Size: 4cm tall x 3.5cm wide x 4cm deep
Weight: 40g (with stand)
Item#: TD02
Comments: A piece of matrix with attached dioptase crystals.


Architectural Minerals & Stones, LLC connects the design community to the finest minerals and gems the world has to offer. We have spent over thirty years hunting the world for great marbles, limestones, basalts and schists and two years ago, expanded our search to include gems and minerals. Our hands-on relationships with quarries and miners in the USA, South America, Africa and Asia, has enabled us to do business across the globe and established a stellar reputation, with most of our clients coming through personal and professional referrals. In collaboration with the design world’s top firms, AMS has worked on projects for some of the grandest hotels, finest restaurants, largest corporations and most luxurious residences. Blending experience and expertise with creativity and passion, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest value, best service and greatest satisfaction.
Featured Item:

Location: Santa Eulalia District, Aquiles Serdan, Chihuahua, Mexico
Size: 13L x 14W x 9.5H cm


The Arkenstone

What do I collect?
Chinese Minerals, which you can see on display at the University of Arizona, Tucson campus,
on display until December 2013

What do we do in “real life?”

In mid-2000, I finished (FINALLY!) my thesis to complete graduate studies for a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. Dealing with the mechanisms of control of gene expression by nuclear receptors (estrogen, vitamin A, vitamin D, thyroid hormone receptors, etc…). I earned my doctoral degree at the University of California-San Diego, which is what brought an Ohio boy this far West in the first place. Despite conflict between rocks and biology, biology won out at some point and I decided to pursue the PhD and perhaps go into academia.

With the advent of the Internet, however, I changed my mind and, given the chance,
I am now pursuing the minerals FULL time and then some(obviously!).

I was one of the first websites to begin selling minerals on the net, and I think that the Internet has lent new life and excitement to this hobby that I have loved since childhood. It is a pleasure to have taken part in this change, and I thank my friends and customers for their support!

Featured Item:

Fluorite on Quartz with Baryte

Location: La Barre Mine, Saint-Jacques-d’Ambur, Pontgibaud, Puy-de-Dome, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France
Size: Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 7.4 x 4.7 cm
Item: JB17-1967
Comments:This is a classic French fluorite from one of the most important localities, and unlike most such examples which are simply broken crystals or fragments on matix, this is an aesthetic group of sharp gem crystals on gorgeous sparklign quartz, and with an associated baryte. It is from the noted collection of Paul Zerfass, who collected for 40 years and helped find many of the fluorites, including this one. The main crystals are 2 x 2 x 2 cm perfect cubes, razor sharp in appearance after jsut a few very minor bits of restoration. We recently purchased the Zerfass collection in France, with a partner. This is one of the first pieces released, and was prominently featured in the issue of Le Regne Minerale showcasing the collection, one of the last major all-French collections built in the heyday of open mines there. A copy of the article is available on request. Comes with a custom lucite base. Joe Budd photos.



Asbestos Minerals

Welcome to AsbestosMinerals.com, your home on the Internet for information and sales of Asbestos and Asbestos related minerals!

On the site you will find Asbestos from all around the world, handmade Asbestos paper and information about all the things “Asbestos”

Featured Item:


Location: Asbestos Canada
Item #: 188
Size:  5.2 x 5.2 x 3.5 cm box
Comments: Incase you need loose fibers but do not want to pull them apart yourself, this sample is ready for study!


Astro Gallery

Considered the world’s most established gem and mineral gallery, Astro Gallery of Gems is
located in the heart of New York City’s shopping district – on 5 th Avenue. Our 25,000 Square Foot
showroom has thousands of minerals,gems, fossils and pieces of rare and unusual jewelry ondisplay.We carry specimens suitable for the novice as well as the most advanced collector. We haveeverything from tumbled stones to 2000 lb amethyst geodes.




Featured Item:
Aqua Aura Quartz Cluster

Size: 3 x 3 x 2 inches, 230.6 grams
Comments: Aqua Aura is created when Clear Quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized Gold. This precious metal condenses onto the surface of the quartz crystal to form a permanent bond with the lattice of the quartz. By combining the vibrations of Quartz with Gold, a synthesis of unique vibrations is created.

Working with the Throat Chakra, powerful Aqua Aura encourages inner truthfulness during communication. It can also be used with both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, increasing psychic skills and heightening spiritual awareness. Aqua Aura aids in communication from the heart to the head, allowing one to recognize and speak their highest truths. Use Aqua Aura for meditation or psychic healing.

Aqua Aura is especially good for distance healing work, and can also help protect against psychic attack by raising vibrations to higher, more positive levels. Use the strong but peaceful energies of Aqua Aura to cleanse and relax the aura, releasing stress and repairing any holes/voids found there. Once this process is complete, Aqua Aura will then stimulate and activate all of the chakras. Use Aqua Aura to help release negativity from the various subtle bodies.




Barnett Fine Minerals is committed to providing an eclectic selection of quality mineral specimens at affordable prices. We thank you for visiting barnettfineminerals.com and invite you to check back for frequent updates.

Featured Item:


Location: Le Burg Mine , Alban – Le Fraysse area, Tarn, Occitanie, France
Size: 7.8X5.8X4.5 CM
Item no #: BURC00010
Description: The Le Burg Mine, near Tarn, in France’s Mid-Pyrenees has been a one of the most important localities for specimen-quality fluorite in all of Europe over the last 75 years or so. Most specimens are blue in color and are typically associated with quartz and chalcopyrite; however, specimens of yellow, green, yellow/orange, yellow/blue, etc. do occur. The mine was operated hundreds of years ago for copper, lost to time, then rediscovered in 1945 and actively mined for fluorite from 1954 until it finally closed in 2006 (Kosnar, 2013). This specimen features a stunning, yellow-orange cube of fluorite with a minute blue zone on the edges, that has been capped with a smoky quartz druse. The fluorite measures 5 cm on edge and is contrasted beautifully by the short, stout quartz crystals that adorn the top.



Russ Behnke Minerals

For over thirty years I have been dedicated to offering the best possible  mineral specimens. 
 Some of these may have especially fine form, while others have great color or superb crystallization or rare associations.
Specimens with a great story behind them and an interesting provenance are also of special interest.
Owning the best one can is one of life’s rare pure joys. I hope you can spare a moment and enjoy the specimens on my site.

Featured Item:


Location: Medina Mine, Artigas, Uruguay
Size: 16″ tall
Comments:  Collection of Russ BEHNKE, Meriden, Connecticut, U.S.A Photo : Russ BEHNKE .



John Betts Fine Minerals

Customer satisfaction is my primary goal. I pledge:
  1. New minerals will be added to this site every week.
  2. All minerals offered will be naturally crystallized specimens – no fakes, no irradiation, no crystals glued on matrix.
  3. Photographs will accurately represent each item – no exaggeration, enhancement or retouching flaws.
  4. Mineral species and localities will be accurately listed on labels with each specimen.
  5. Only the exact item pictured on the site will be shipped – no substitutes.
  6. All items will be shipped via US Postal Service, usually the next business day after the order is finalized.
  7. Each mineral will be individually wrapped and carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping.
  8. All historic labeling, if available, will be included with each mineral.
  9. Returns are gladly accepted. No questions asked, no explanation necessary.
  10. All customer information will be kept confidential and never shared or sold.
  11. I will continue to freely share my knowledge with others and contribute to the study and appreciation of minerals.

John Betts New Minerals reposted on Tuesdays to the following pages:

Featured Item:
Aquamarine with minor Albite

Location: Baha, Braldu Valley, Baltistan, Gilgit-Baltistan (Northern Areas), Pakistan
Size: Overall size of mineral specimen: 6×3.5×2 cm – Size of individual crystals: 1-57 mm
Item #: 72182
Comments:  Two intersecting hexagonal lustrous transparent blue aquamarine crystals, the gem variety of the mineral species beryl, to 57 mm with flat basal pinacoid terminations. Small white albite crystals to 9 mm grew on the rear of the longest aquamarine. Complete and undamaged except the contact where it was formerly attached to surrounding matrix.

Böhm Mineralien

Böhm Mineralien ist ein privater Anbieter, welche Stücke seiner eigenen Sammlung von Micromount bis Museumsstufe anbietet, um seine Sammlung zu verkleinern.Böhm Mineralien is a private provider, offering items from micromount to museum quality, to downscale his collection. 



Featured Item:

Location: Tantara Mine, Shinkolobwe, Katanga, Kongo
Size:  8 x 5 x 3
Comments: Offered is a smaller, very attractive slip, which consists entirely of sky blue Shattuckite.




We are pleased to present our selection of minerals, mineral products, crystals and gemstones.
We are excited to establish a long term relationship with you. Our galleries provide a wide and varied selection of items and price ranges.
Our inventory is ever changing as we acquire new stock. We feature classic localities and what’s hot in the world of minerals.

Please visit our eBay store, Rooster’s Rocks. Seller ID: rooster5rocks

Featured Item:

Location: Yinyang Prefecture, Henan Province of China
Size:  5 x 5 x 1 3/4 inches or 130 x 127 x 45 mm
Comments: This fluorite is from the Yinyang Prefecture, Henan Province of China. It is often found as a gangue mineral in the mines of the area. Fluorite is a member of the halide family and it contains the elements Ca, and F. Pure fluorite is colorless but it comes in a wide range of colors due to trace elements in the crystal matrix. This is a mound like formation of highly modified fluorite crystals.The elongated crystals form interpenetrating sheath like clusters. They reflect the light in glistening flashes. The piece has a beautiful emerald translucence, especially, when back lighted as in photo 2. Back lighting was done with a small LED pocket flashlight.



Chuck's Rocks

I founded ChucksRocks.com in 2007 as
an extension of my love for rocks and minerals.

Early in 2007, I purchased a small piece of property in Teller County, Colorado. The property is known as the Sleeping Princess Mine and has produced beautiful amazonite and smoky quartz specimens, along with several other pegmatite minerals. The property is near Crystal Peak, and is located in an area known for producing very fine specimens.

I am a geologist and mining engineer, and I work at a mine in Virginia. This on line business is really just a way to help pay for my hobby and give me an avenue to “share” some of the great finds from the Sleeping Princess property.

You will find some great Colorado minerals on this site as well as several other specimens. I’ve picked up here and there. Browse and enjoy!

Featured Item:
Hemimorphite and Mimetite

Location: Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Size: Maximum dimension approximately 2.1″ (53 mm)
Item #: 501-415
Description: Hemimorphite and mimetite on matrix.


Created in 1988 as a part time business to buy, sell and trade minerals, carved rocks, gems and jewels, Collection Arkane business was initially carried at trade shows in Quebec and Ontario provinces until 2004. With time, inventories of carved rocks, gems and jewels were replaced solely with fine minerals. In 2012, Collection Arkane business activities re-started at trade shows in Montreal followed by the creation of a website in 2016.
We hope you will enjoy your visit of Collection Arkane website. You will find herein specimens from private collections that have recently been purchased, and from new inventory of fine minerals that we find for our devoted clients. The core of our inventory consists of fine minerals from Canadian localities. New minerals added every week. Comments, inquiries and questions are welcome and we do our very best to follow up on all of them.

Featured Item:

Location: Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Quebec Province, Canada.
Size: thumbnail. 1.5 x 1 x 0.7 cm
Item #: 8425-7794A
Description: Bi-coloured gemmy to translucent Vesuvianite crystals.

The Collector's Edge

The Collector’s Edge Minerals, Inc. is an acknowledged, industry-leader in locating, exploring, and developing mining properties for their mineral specimen and gemstone potential. As a professional mineral specimen mining company, we have developed special specimen location and extraction techniques that dramatically improve the quality and quantity of specimens removed from crystal cavities.
We, also, apply leading-edge mining and recovery techniques to our gemstone mining operations.

Collector’s Edge scours the globe to acquire new, unique, and superb quality mineral specimens. Our contacts and travels enable us to offer you specimens acquired directly from mines/miners around the world; specimens obtained from some of the world’s most important contemporary mineral collections; and choice specimens traded from the inventories of dealers worldwide.

Featured Item:
Elbaite, Albite v. Cleavelandite

Location: Cruzeiro mine, San Jose da Safira, Doce Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Size: 11.5 x 8.5 x 6.0 cm
Item #: 10355
Comments: A major tourmaline specimen from the famous Cruzeiro mine in Minas Gerais Province, Brazil. This specimen features a large, gemmy, electric-blue to bright green elbaite tourmaline crystal placed perfectly on a “rosette” of albite crystals. The display aesthetics of this piece are ideal, and the large tourmaline crystal has superb color and gemminess for the locality, with no repairs. These Cruzeiro tourmalines are regarded as some of the world’s best and this crystal exemplifies why this is. An important tourmaline worthy of any collection. Ex. Gerhard Wagner collection, noted German collector of tourmaline. Tom Spann photo.


Collector Showcase

Enjoy browsing our galleries of quality minerals that we have for sale.

Click any image for additional photos and information Contact us with questions or concerns .
Thanks for stopping by.

Doug Wahl

Featured Item:
Cerussite, Reticulated

Location: Nakhlak Mine, Madan-e Naknlalk District,Nain Co. Esfahan Province, Iran
Size: 2 x 1.5 x 1.25 inches
Item: 2401
Comments: Beautiful example of reticulated Cerussite. From a small find in 2001, vein 5, 200 meter level of the mine.



The Crystal Fraction is dedicated to finding and presenting fine mineral specimens from all over the globe. Based in Tasmania, Australia, we specialise in unique Crocoite and Gold specimens from various localities.
Featured Item:

Location: Rowley Mine, Painted Rock Mts, Maricopa Co. Arizona
Size: 45 x 35 x 30mm
Weight: Approximately 500 grams including packaging
Item #: WUL654
Comments: Bright gemmy and highly lustrous Wulfenite crystals on a Chrysocolla coated matrix. There is a good coverage of Mimetite on this piece and the colour is amazing.


The Crystal Mine

The CRYSTAL MINE has quality mineral specimens and crystal specimens from large cabinet to thumbnail sizes, with pictures/photos of our mineral and gemstone specimens offered. We have specimens available from Mexico, China, USA, Europe, Peru, Africa and the rest of the world. We also offer self collected mineral specimens from mines and locations in the Western United States, not offered anywhere else.
Look for new mineral and crystal specimens at the Crystal Mine on about a bi-weekly basis.
I try very hard to keep my prices reasonable, and still have good quality specimens.
Please take a look and see what you think. Thank you.

Featured Item:

Location: Adelaide mine, Zeehan district, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia
Size: 3.5 x 5.5 cm
Weight: 21g
Item #: JC7549
Comments: Crocoite with a partial coating of gibbsite. What is interesting is the dozens of tiny crocoite crystals sticking vertically out of the larger crystals like spines on a cactus.



Featured Item:

Doubly terminated Tourmaline Crystal

Location: Chamachhu, Stak Nala, Haramosh Mts., Skardu District, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan
Size: 29,9 x 23,2 x 15,0 mm
Weight: 75,07 ct or 15,014 g
Item #:  km17-238
Comments: Tourmaline, Variety: Elbaite & Schorl / Albite, Variety: Cleavelandite.


Other Websites of Interests


The majority of our materials are one-of-a-kind and are out-of-print, and include many
hard-to-find publications. Check our stock for in-print items too – you will love the savings!
For Sale: Publications in the fields
of geology, geoscience, hydrology, mineralogy, paleonotology,
sedimentology, petroleum, meteoritic, oceanography, water supply,
ground water, aquifers, biology, natural history, archaeology,
seismology, wave dynamics, anthropology, ethnology, history, earth
sciences and more – including papers, guidebooks, reports, circulars,
proceedings, maps, bulletins, books, more … for sale.. United States
and world-wide!


AAA Minerals
specializes in providing worldwide clients with fine Chinese minerals,
fossils and carving stones. It also offers full services for purchasing
tours, locality/mine visiting, mining projects and customized plans in

Clarity &
Calibration, LLC

Absolute Clarity and
Calibration offers on-site field service, microscope repair and
refurbishments, NIST traceable optical calibration and sales of CNC
Video systems, new and refurbished microscopes, bulbs and lighting
equipment. With ACC you will see the difference Super Wide field Meiji Microscopes as well as our own
imported economical microscope systems. Our specialty is repair and
refurbished of microscopes.


Presenting the photography and writing of science author and meteorite hunter Geoffrey Notkin

I have been hunting for meteorites since 1994, traversing the hostile Atacama Desert in
Chile, crossing Siberia and the Arctic Circle by helicopter, and
traveling many thousands of miles across the United States and other
countries in search of these elusive rocks â?? messengers from deep space and the beginning of time.
My adventures regularly appear in print in Meteorite magazine and will be featured in
a new meteorite book to be published in 2007. My work has also appeared
in Rock & Gem, Geotimes, Lapidary Journal, Seed, Meteoryt
(Poland), Reader’s Digest, Tucson Showguide, TIMA (Japan), and many
other national and international publications.

Aerolite Meteorites offers a select number of exceptional meteorites for sale on this site.
Sales help fund future meteorite hunting expeditions which, in turn
generate new research and published works. All meteorite specimens on
this site are unconditionally guaranteed to be 100% authentic rocks
from outer space, and every specimen comes with an Aerolite.org
identification label. Don’t miss the photographs of meteorites in our
image gallery

Gems and Minerals

We are a multifaceted company dealing in every aspect of gemstones, minerals and lapidary in
the Central and Southern African Regions.

For the last 20 years  we have been involved in organizing Gem & Mineral shows in
South Africa. We have been the major exhibitor at all shows with very
exciting displays. At the last show we exhibited a piece of Moon Rock,
Meteorites and Dinosaur Eggs!

There are also beautiful displays of exotic African minerals from Tsumeb and the
Kalahari Manganese Fields.

Gemstones – including the very popular Tanzanite from the Maralini district in Tanzania.

We are the source of the original AJOITE find in Messina, the only direct supplier of Ajoite
in quartz crystals.


known agate dealers Agates from Argentina, Ricardo and Claudia Birnie.
This webiste has lots of photos and stories from there many adventures.


We supply the Best  Mineral Specimens straight from our Alaskan mines at wholesale prices.
Alaska Garnet Mines is owned and operated by Istvan Toth – Miner,
Wholesaler and Mineral Dealer. Wholesale Prices!


Like a lot of people who got interested in rocks at an early age, I completely forgot about
them for many years, first when I discovered girls, and after
rediscovering rocks, when I discovered I couldn’t afford the ones I
wanted. After a few years of college and chasing the Grateful Dead, in
1989 I married a Jane of my own (nice name, Jane…) and actually got
her halfway up Mount Antero on our honeymoon (until she reminded me
that Aquamarine was not what that trip was about).

Around 1990, I began gathering specimens for resale in the retail store I owned. I made a
number of connections through ads, the internet, and going to shows,
many of whom have become friends over the years. As time has
progressed, I’ve narrowed my focus to Alpine and Gem Pegmatite minerals
– the rocks that I find the most fascinating and the ones I could never
afford as a kid.

I’ve been continuing the visits to rock shows ever since,and I’ve enjoyed getting to know
many talented rock delaers and miners. And that leads to today I’m ready to start cutting loose some of the

Amateur Collection Mineral Exchange

High quality mineral specimens from Mt. Vesuvius, Italy for exchange: panunzite, sarcolite,
nepheline, humite, green sodalite, thomsonite, tenorite, magnesioferrite and more…

Amazing Agates

Amazing Agates is a family-owned rockshop, specializing in agates of all kinds, located in
Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We have a selection of one-of-a-kind Lake
Superior Agates, eye agates, Mexican Agates, Laguna Agates, Fairburn
Agates, cutting rough and tumbling rough for sale.


 Hello, I’m Kirk Anthony, a retired jewelry designer who just can’t stop collecting and
working precious gem minerals for the pure passion of it. I live half
of the year in Mexico where I’ve discovered rare and unique materials
not available elswhere. All of my gems are 100% natural with NO
treatment or enhancement [available at LOW importer’s wholesale-PLEASE EMAIL
5-9PM, FRIDAY, SAT, OR SUNDAY) for prices or detailed information]

American Hobby Shop

 We buy and sell gems and minerals from around the world. We can offer a better price for
your collection than can our competitors. We are members of the Fair
Business Council/ Better Business Bureau. Many people tell us that we
should advertise more, they cannot believe how much we have, Well here
we are! If there is anything that you a re looking for, just drop us a
note, we are always updating our selections. We cannot possibly list
everything here that we have to offer.


Amethyst Galleries Mineral Gallery

AmethystGalleries’ Mineral Gallery is a large collection of mineral descriptions, images,
and specimens, together with several ways of accessing these
descriptions. The descriptions include searchable mineralogical data,
plus other information of interest to students and rock hounds! The
inline GIF images are linked to larger JPEG images, and this site
displays thousands of images of previously sold mineral specimens as a
service to students and educators (not just minerals for sale).

Apalachee Minerals

We are currently working to build this new web site, so please be patient as we are not
quite finished. We have posted quite a few minerals from various
locations around the world. However, you will see that we specialize in
minerals from the southeastern U.S. Additionally, you will find some
nice cut and polished agatized coral pairs from Florida and Georgia.
We’ve also posted some Florida calcite that we’ve commercially mined
from Ruck’s Pit. Additionally, we have a variety of gem trees, hand
made by Lory Maddox, using minerals that we’ve collected as bases.
Please feel free to browse. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will
come back and visit us as we will be posting many more specimens over
the next several weeks. If you have any comments, or questions, please
visit our comments page and let us know. Have a great day!

ARCH Minerals


Arizona Mineral Company

ColorWright’s Arizona Mineral Company. We’re Rob Kulakofsky and Faith
Spaulding. This is our virtual rockshop, specializing in selected
mineral specimens, lapidary rough and cut stones from the American
Southwest and Mexico. Our Tucson location gives us the opportunity to
pass on to our fellow collectors and lapidary hobbyists hand picked
regional specimens, stones and cutting material.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, we are able to select the top specimens,
stones and lapidary rough from all over the world. If you can’t make it
to the Tucson Show, please send us your wish list and we’ll do our very
best to fill it for you.

Arizona Skies Meteorites

Welcome to Arizona Skies Meteorites premier online resource
for the finest in rare collectibles. You will find a wonderful selection
of high quality meteorites, fossils and unique collectibles from around the world.
Our collectibles make wonderful science gifts for those special people on your shopping list!
We back all of our unique collection pieces with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee, and we are
members of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA membership #6855),
so you can buy with confidence. We will ship to anywhere in the World!
We also buy meteorites, fossils and other collectibles. If you have something
that you would like to sell please feel free to contact us. We update our webpages frequently,
so be sure to reload your webpage each time you visit our site, and please
be bookmark our site for future reference.

Aussie Minerals

Minerals from Australia!

Barranca Diamond, Stone & Lapidary Products

Barranca Diamond manufacturers sawing and polishing equipment for commercial and hobby
lapidaries and is the only US manufacturer of notched-rim lapidary
diamond blades. We are also a supplier of continuous and segmented rim
diamond blades, polishing equipment and polishing supplies for the
stone and lapidary industry.

Beautiful Agates

Beautiful Agates LLC, and its subsidiaries the Agate Nodule website and Fortification Press,
are dedicated to bringing you the best in the world of exceptional
agates. Our products are offered with the experienced and discerning
collector in mind. We typically feature Lake Superior agate, Queensland
agate, Laguna agate, Botswana agate, Dryhead agate, Fairburn agate,
Brazilian agate, and Condor agate. The gallery is designed to
demonstrate top privately held collector specimens, particularly of the
banded agate varieties. We also buy fine quality agate specimens. We
welcome pictures of any agates that you wish to have considered for the
gallery, or that you may have for sale.

Benitoite Gem Mine

If you have spent any time viewing any of my websites you know that I have a passion for
BaTiSi3O9 also known as Benitoite. This is the focus of my personal collection
– benitoite from any global locality and mineral species from the Benitoite Gem mine.
You can see some of the specimens in my collection by clicking the JV’s Collection link above or below.

I created this website, not only to offer specimens for sale, but also as an
information source for benitoite and the minerals that are found at
Benitoite Gem mine. When I dream at night I dream of blue triangles! I
really like this mineral a lot!

I do not deal in cut gemstones so if you are looking for that kind of benitoite you’ll have
to go elsewhere. The thought of flaking a crystal of this rare species
off matrix and chopping it up is, to me at least, the equivalent of
crashing a porsche into a tree for kicks.


Bestcrystals.com is the most extensive website of crystals and minerals in the world.
We stock over 1,000 items at any given time, and our site serves as a
resource for information about crystals and stones. Check our What’s
New Page for the newest additions to our site.

Best Mineral

Here you will find the best specimens from Italy and from all the World!

BK Minerals

Range of specimens. We are also stockists of Metaphysical Crystals, and hold
a large stock of Jewellery items.

Blackstone Mill Rocks, Fossils, Tools and Antiques

Mineral samples, fossils, jewelry, stone carvings, and gift items from all over the world.
We have an exclusive with Meckley’s Limestone Quarry in Mandata PA for world class Celestite and Strontianite

Brazilian Minerals

For 30 years I taught mineralogy in several Brazilian universities, always seeking to give a
practical vision. I passed from laboratories classes to field classes
leading the students to the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia and Espirito
Santo, showing them the largest Brazilian minerals resources. I created
a circle of friendship among the miners, prospectors and small regional
merchants and I formed my private collection, nowadays my collection
consist of some thousands pieces. Upon a visit several websites I
realize that many interesting samples are not offered to the public. I
learned from my studies that the old collectors can be interested on
these minerals and the beginners can find materials at low cost with a
great esthetic value. Thinking about that I organized this web-site to
offer you pieces that are not available in any other web-site.

Brazilian Rockhounds

Welcome!! We specialize in mineral specimens from Brazil. Our goal is to provide the
best deals in fine minerals, crystals and crystal clusters for mineral
collectors and those who appreciate rocks, minerals and gems in
general. If you are interested in a specific specimen or if you can not
find it here, please let us know, so that we can see the avaibility in
our collection. Be sure that we will make all the effort to bring you
the best specimens at the best prices. If you wish to sell your
collection, please contact us, we are always interested in buying fine
minerals, rocks and gems. Any suggestions about our website and
services will be welcome. Good rockhounding!!

The British Columbia Rockhounder

There are two easy options to choose from. If you belong to an LRMS-BC affiliated rock
club, then you can enjoy a valuable saving by having your copies mailed
(with others) to your Club’s address. This costs $10.00 annually, and
ensures you receive the next 4 editions. Start your subscription at any
time of the year.

If you would prefer to have your copies mailed direct to a private address, sign up for a
$16.00 annual subscription in Canada, or US$20.00 to a US address. Make
cheques payable to BCLS. Contact us via:

Broadstone Minerals

We specialize in British minerals, especially from Cornwall and Devon, but also stock a
large world wide selection.You can reserve specimens from the Mineral
Gallery or send for further details by completing the request form on
our Requests Form page. We attend a large number of major British Shows
and hope to see you there. Check out the dates on the Show page.

Bushy Creak Gems & Minerals

Located in Boone, Iowa, Brushy Creek Gems and Minerals offers quality jewelry, fossils
and minerals.

Butterflies By God

 source of quality framed Butterfly, Insect, Spider and Scorpion giftware.


 Interesting and beautiful minerals from around the world, with an emphasis on Canadian minerals.

California Crystal Connection

 Welcome to the first web gem site that focuses exclusively in exotic gems from the Golden State of California, USA.

We are Tom and Ken, with 40 years of combined field collecting experience.
We are native to the San Francisco East Bay Area. We have been friendly neighbors for
over 20 years and have enjoyed many camping trips and mining
expeditions together. We have traveled thousands of miles on
California’s interstates and freeways, highways, byways, and skyways:
From the Pacific to the Sierras, from low desert to high: Oceans,
lakes, rivers, streams and creeks: On mountain logging roads, cow paths
and railroad tracks. (Whew!) That’s a lot of traveling! All of this has
led to a continually growing and well documented collection that we
enjoy sharing with friends and family. But now by the power of the
Internet, we are able to share our California Gem Collection with many
people from all over the world. We hope you will take a few minutes and
have a look at some of our extensive and uncomparable collection of
California’s gems and minerals. Enjoy!

Chinese Minerals and Fossils

 An extensive selection of Chinese minerals and fossils.


ChroLithix Corporation sells natural and created works of art composed of
materials from the earth and even outer space. Unique and unusual
pieces of quality combined with affordable prices create solid, lasting
value for you.

Clean Rocks


Mineral curation is the removal of unwanted stains, films, or coatings,
unwanted matrix and broken crystals. The two principal ways of
accomplishing this is with chemicals and by mechanical means.


The advantages are two fold. One, you end up with a specimen that is
more esthetically pleasing to the eye and two, you increase the
saleability of the piece.

Colorado Gem & Mineral Company

Colorado Gem and Mineral Co. sells minerals from study quality to museum quality. Here
on our website we try to offer fine quality minerals at good prices to
both the beginner and the advanced collector. We like to pick our
mineral specimens for geometry, color, and aesthetics. We encourage you
to send us your want lists.

Colorado Minerals

Welcome to the new web site, coloradominerals.com, a specialty site for Colorado minerals.
We are listing more minerals every few days. Currently, I’m listing new
minerals from the Commodore mine at Creede, collected in the summers of
2002-03. Some of the best sphalerite, galena, amethyst, and
chalcopyrite combination specimens ever seen from Creede are in this
lot of specimens. We have a large number of Colorado minerals out of
the Marty Zinn collection listed at present. Marty Zinn is the owner of
several satellite mineral shows at Tucson, Denver, Costa Mesa, and
other large mineral shows. We are also currently listing specimens from
the Tom Rosemeyer collection; Tom has been a collector of Colorado
minerals for over 40 years, and has self-collected many of the pieces
offered. He was also geologist and mining engineer at Camp Bird mine
near Ouray for a number of years. We are also listing specimens from
the Robert Stoufer (that’s me) collection and shop inventory. Minerals
listed will include those from old classic localities in the state, and
also rarer locality pieces. We will attempt to have a broad range of
specimens for almost every budget.

Columbine Mineral Shop

The Columbine Mineral Shop has been serving collectors for over 35 years. Located in
beautiful Ouray, Colorado, we have specimens for everyone from the
beginner to the advanced collector. Now we are bringing the shop from
Colorado onto the net.

Cornwall Devon Mineral Specimes

 Welcome to Cornwall Devon Minerals. This site is dedicated as a whole to the sale
of old and contemporary mineral specimens from these two regions in Great Britain.
I will try to update the ‘for sale’ pages on the first of every new month and later will
include thumbnails and micromounts.

Crystal Ascension

 Mineral specimens, quartz crystal singing bowls, crystal jewelry, and much more.

Crystal Perfection

 We feature fine mineral specimens from worldwide locations, ranging from aesthetic
samples for the beginning collector to pristine pieces for museums. Our
Mineral Gallery presents pictures of just a few of the many specimens
we offer. Our Mineral Listings highlights descriptions of other items
of interest. Both these sections are refreshed frequently so please
bookmark us and visit often!

Crystal Universe (AusRox)


We have the finest, the rarest and the largest at the best possible prices.
We are overseas hand selecting material at least six times per year and are constantly
receiving new shipments. Nobody comes close to our vast range of
material from Brazil, Madagascar, The Congo, China, America, in fact
from all over the globe.

Owner – Rob Sielecki is one of Australia’s leading Geologists. Robs Gem,
Mineral and Fossil Specialists along with his Miners, Sphere Makers and
Jewellers utilize all their experience to seeking out and preserve natural treasures from
devastation. Many of the magnificent crystals and gemstones that adorn
our museums were collected by our company members over the years.

CEO – Stephen Hill is determined to use the vast experience and resources of
Crystal Universe to bring the world’s finest natural and new age products to all their
clients. Introducing new products and services and utilising the vast
network of contacts from across the globe will assist Crystal Universe
clients to succeed in their own business.


CurioGrove offers many types of fossils, minerals, and quartz crystal specimens as well
as spheres, pyramids and an assortment of oddities. CurioGrove is also
an emporium for Celtic jewelry and wall plaques, Civil War mini-balls,
mineral and fossil books, lighted displays stands and other specimen
display items. Please browse around awhile and give us a call or email
us your questions, comments or requests. We are accessible and ready to


CyberRocks specializes in reasonably priced, high quality Minerals, Fossils and
Fluorescents for all types of collectors. We realize your time is
valuable, so we have organized CyberRocks in a straightforward, user
friendly format. Below you will find links to the newly updated items
offered. Further down are links to the Mineral section, Fossil section
and Fluorescent section, along with a link to KIDSROCKS – where all
specimens are less that $10.00. If you are interested in receiving
updates of new specimens before they are posted to the Web, fill out
the request form below and we will add you to our list.


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