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Suggested Websites

UC Minerals

Welcome to my site! UCMINERALS.COM offers mineral specimens for all ranges of collecting interests. We carry hundreds of quality mineral specimens for any range of mineral collecting interests, from the beginning mineral collector to the advanced mineral collector.

UC Minerals is really a company called Uniquely Crystalline, I just liked the name UC Minerals better than my current name because it better describes what my web page is all about...You see minerals. I have been an avid collector for about fifteen years now, and have had this company for the last 11 years. Over the years, I have built up quite an inventory of specimens from around the world. I have specimens ranging from exceptional, one-of-a-kind, specimens for the collector to reference pieces for the beginning collector. If you have any particular interests, just drop me a line and let me know. If I do not have an item in stock, it is very likely that I can find it for you.

I Participate in John Veevart's Mineral Auctions at www.mineral-auctions.com

Featured Item: Amethyst slice (polished)

UC MInerals Featured Item

Location: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Size: 14 cm x 7.5 cm x 0.7 cm

Item #: 914196

Comments: A very neat specimen that consisted of a triangular pit of matrix which was coated with agate, then quartz, and finally amethyst crystals. The specimen has been sliced perpendicular to the growth and polished on both sides. Nicely translucent.

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Uk Mining Ventures

This is the website for the current on-going specimen recovery project at the Rogerley Mine, Weardale, England. Presented are information and photos on the geology, mineralogy, and history of the Rogerley and other important specimen-producing mines in the region. Also available are numerous specimens for sale, both wholesale and retail, from current and past production.

Featured Item: Wholesale Fluorite
UK Mining Ventures Featured Item

Location: Bluebirds Pocket Zone

Size: Size range is 5 - 7 cm

Item #: Wholesale Flat 14-18c

Comments: 18 specimens per flat, size range is 5 - 7 cm (2.0 - 2.8 inches). The specimen at left is an example from this flat. Specimens are from the Bluebirds Pocket Zone, 2014.

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Weinrich Minerals Inc.

We are full time professional mineral dealers with nearly 40 years of experience in the mineral collecting hobby, and 25 years and counting in business. There are thousands of photographed specimens currently on our website, all for sale. We try to have something for every budget. We look forward to you visiting our website. Dan & Diana Weinrich

Featured Item: Calcite with Hematite
Dan Weinrich Featured Item

Location: Daye Co., Huangshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, China

Size: 11.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm (cabinet)

Item #: 1255284

Comments: Sparkling stacked rhombohedral crystals of calcite aesthetically covering the top of an 11.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm matrix. The calcite are actually colorless and slightly translucent with a pearly luster, but the overall appearance of the piece is red or reddish brown due to hematite. This sits perfectly for display by itself and shows well all around. Very slight and minimal micro-chipping present, this extremely minute however and overall the piece is in great condition. Shipping weight: 0.94 pounds.

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Well-Arranged Molecules

If you enjoy fine, aesthetic crystallized minerals and especially if you have an interest in the exciting new discoveries in Chinese minerals, this is the right place!

We travel extensively searching for fine minerals, unknown localities, and seek new, rare, exotic and ?well-arranged? examples of the mineral kingdom. We will be adding frequent updates, minerals for sale, breaking news and try to provide accurate details regarding locations, analysis and other mineralogical topics. We welcome your comments, ideas and contributions! Our stock for sale is carefully selected, unconditionally guaranteed, and we feel represents exceptional value in terms of quality and price.

As China has become a major source of the very best examples ever found for many species (and at reasonable prices for most collectors) we have made this fantastic source our specialty. We do also deal in and seek minerals from other world locales (especially South America). Please do contact us with your needs, our current stock exceeds 2,000 pieces and only a small percentage is on this site or goes to shows. We take pride in finding great stuff for collectors who appreciate minerals with molecules (and atoms, unit cells etc) that are well arranged!

Featured Item: Sturmanite and Brucite
Well-Arranged Molecules Featured Item

Location: N'chwaning Mine, Kalahari Fields, Kuruman, Kuruman, South Africa

Size: 14 x 6.8 x 7.6 CM (cabinet)

Item #: Alec 14-266

Comments: A exceptional cabinet sized combo specimen hat presents well these two relatively rare species. Gemmy yellow Sturmanite in flattened blade habit crystals reach 1.8 CM scattered on a sparkling matrix of micro Manganites which is also the host for the spheres of blue green to white Brucite. The Brucite has the most desirable "wet" luster and shows good color gradations across the piece. In excellent condition and quite pretty for a "rarities mix". This piece almost certainly originated at the N'Chwanning mine (perhaps the only place this combo is noted) but the labeling we have for it is not that specific.

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Wilensky Minerals

Minerals for the advanced collector.
Featured Item: Azurite with Malachite

Location: Copper Queen Mine, Bisbee, Arizona

Size: 2 1/2 inches wide

ex-collection Pellman.

Comments: Bisbee Azurite is, to put it simply, as good as it gets. The species simply does not get better then this example (or this locality). Bisbee has a rich history well documented in American mining. Collectors since Roebling and Bement have coveted the best of Bisbee. The very finest pieces came out over 100 years ago and the mine completely shut down by the 1970's. This Azurite blades which form this free floating flower is such a vivid blue that it defies any particular color name. The reflections and flecks of color you see in the photo are not at first look apparent. There is a thin layer of iridescence which lies beneath the surface which, when hit with a strong light, bursts into an explosion of brilliant blue color. This effect from Bisbee is very rarely seen, only the finest examples possess it. The Azurite crystal sits upright, showing off all of its terminations, it is completely damage free, and razor sharp. Azurite at its ultimate!

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Tom Wolfe Minerals

Tom Wolfe started doing shows in the summer of 1982. Our first show was in Colorado Springs, and we have never looked back. In our long history of mineral and fossil shows, we have striven to offer our customers great quality at reasonable prices.
In the beginning we focused on only minerals, but have since expanded into fossils, agates and petrified wood. In 2007, Tom's son Steve started working full time in the business, and in 2008 Adrienne, Tom's wife retired from a wonderful teaching career and is now involved with the website and shows.

Tom Wolfe Minerals is truly a family business.

Featured Item: Oak Slab

Tom Wolfe Minerals

Location: Miocene age Flemming/OakVille Formation near Centerville, Texas

Size: 31 cm x 10 cm across the polished face and is 2 cm thick

Item: 2013

Comments: This beautiful petrified oak slab was found in the Miocene age Flemming/OakVille Formation near Centerville, Texas. It measures 31cm x 10cm across the polished face and is 2cm thick. Please view the gallery to see a photo of the cell structure taken at 70x.

Wolfe Lapidary

A-C   D-H   I-L   M   N-R   S-T   U-Z   Lap/Gems/Jewelry

Viamineralia.com is a project of two mineral-enthusiasts from Austria. Robert and Martin are giving their best to offer you not only fine minerals with excellent photos. At viamineralia.com you can find very interesting articles with show reports, field trips, portraits of collectors etc. The website is updated frequently (1-2 times each month) to give you a wide selection!

Featured Item: HEMATITE

Via Mineralia

Location: Payun volcano, Mendoza, Argentina

Size: 7 x 5.5 x 4 cm

Comments: This is an exceptional specimen from one of the few known mineral locations in Argentina (makes me wondering, because the country is that big!). The specimen shows very attractive high lustrous crystals up to 5 cm in diameter! It consists of a single mayor crystal with a few smaller ones around. The specimen is damage-free and a real eye catcher. Also it's free standing and perfect to display all around. This is definitely the best one I saw from the location.

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Voelter Minerals

Voelter Fine Minerals, LP was founded in 2010 by Jon Voelter and Sam Cutbirth. The company possesses a state-of-the-art laboratory for various mineralogical services along with a growing inventory of minerals specimens from around the world the world.

We are located in Abilene, Texas, USA, which is about a two-hour drive west of Fort Worth along Interstate 20. Below is a picture of our showroom, which has a wide array of our specimens on display.

Featured Item: Fluorite

Voelter Minerals

Location: Weishan Ree Mine, Shandong Province, China

Size: 6 x 8 cm

Item: 465

Comments: Brilliantly coloured and highly lustrous blue Fluorite from The Weishan Ree mine in Shandong Province, China.6 x 8 cm.

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Your Mineral Collection

I have been a mineral collector for more than 35 years, acquiring a wide experience both in systematic and in aesthetic collections. My mineral knowledge, based on a chemistry degree, has been increased through the years with field collecting and association to mineral clubs.

My collecting trips have been directed to the classical alpine locations in Italy, France, Switzerland searching for Quartz, Garnets, Fluorite, Sulphides and rare minerals.

Furthermore I have spent some working years in U.S.A. acquiring an interesting collection of American minerals, like Copper, Silver, Fluorite, Garnets and Mexicans classics.

Since 1992 I have been present as dealer to major Italian and European shows, visiting several times Tucson and Denver.

Internet dealer from 2002, I am now sharing my collector and sale experience offering YourMineralCollection as an opportunity to acquire selected specimens for all kind of mineral lovers. Enjoy my website..... Giuseppe Siccardi

Featured Item: Milarite

Your Mineral Collection Featured Item

Location: Giuv Valley, Tujetsch (Tavetsch), Vorderrhein Valley, Grischun (Grisons; Graub√ľnden), Switzerland

Size: 4 x 3 x 1.5 cm miniature

Item #: YMC11337

Comments: Fine Milarite crystals on matrix. From Type locality.

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Other Websites of Interest

UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools

A wide selection of tools and supplies including: rotary tools, buffing, lapidary, adhesives, magnifying, measuring, packaging, books, castings, kilns, enameling, soldering, bench tools, stones, chains, findings, beading, charms, Fima, metal and displays.

Ultra Tec Faceting Machines

Manufacturers of theworld's finest faceting equipment.

UV Systems Inc.

UV SYSTEMS, Inc. brings you a complete line of high-technology ultraviolet lighting products and component parts. Treat yourself to the best equipment in the ultraviolet spectrum. Check our specifications. You will see exceptional quality comes at an affordable price. UV SYSTEMS, Inc. has set the standard for quality ultraviolet lights. Designed by a lighting engineer - who is also a mineral collector - especially FOR mineral collectors, these durable lights feature a strong, lightweight aluminum housing and deliver more UV output than any other lights of their type on the market.

Village Smithy Opals

We are dedicated to bringing the collector a selection of fine quality unique and unusual fluorescent minerals. We have worked very hard to establish reliable sources of these unusual specimens. Many from Canada, England, Greenland, Mexico and the United States. We have visited some of our sources, allowing us to choose the best specimens available. We are always look for new sources and welcome your suggestions!

WARD'S Natural Science

WARD'S Natural Science has been meeting the needs of the science education community since 1862?from middle school and high school-level classroom and homeschool studies to college curriculum, lab experiments, science fairs and hobbies. We?re your single source for the highest quality Biology, Biotechnology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Forensics, Physical Science, and Chemistry science teaching supplies.

Western Minerals

Western Minerals has over 40 years of experience as a purveyor of fine specimens to major museums, universities and private collectors, as well as conducting appraisals to meet their current needs.

The uniqueness of the mineral world has enabled us to meet people of various professions and nationalities, which has resulted in many wonderful and lasting friendships.

Xtal - Dennis Beals

We started XTAL in 1988 to provide top quality mineral specimens from Mexico. I go to Mexico six times each year to search out what's new and exciting in old classics and new finds for collectors, museums and wholesale dealers.

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