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We produce content and features that keep mineral collectors coming back to our search and buy based website

Advertising your company on is the most effective internet marketing available to mineral dealers. In addition to our unique enviroment for mineral search, repeated exposure to your business name makes an impact on collectors. Getting your name stuck into everyone’s heads is what advertising is all about, so an ad on is a great idea for nearly EVERYONE!

The Basics; How to begin advertising with

Every new advertiser to must start out with a standard "Suggested Website Ad". This is the basic advertisement; listed alphabetically in one of the following locations
Retail Sales Websites
eBay Sellers Directory
Auction Websites
Wholesale Websites

Suggested Website Ad
$190 Annually


- advertiser's logo banner at the top of ad; links to your website. (send your own or we can provide one, 72dpi, width 550px, height up to 200px)

- "Featured Item" name, photo and description updated 6 times a year by staff; photo and name links to your website

- detailed company description under logo banner; copied from your website or provided by you ( does not write company descriptions or endorsments)

- link to advertiser's website listed at the top of the page in which the "Suggested Website Ad" is listed alphabetically

- up to 4 update notations a week on the front page, under the "THIS WEEK'S UPDATES" list. Updates must be emailed to TheVugEmail(at), and will be linked on the front page, the following day.

- advertiser's company featured in BOLD on the page of all "Retail Dealers Alphabetically Listed"

- up to 2 press release articles hosted on server; for promotion on, and our affiliated websites and internet media. (photos and most text provided by advertiser)

But of course the best benefit is the exposure that all our advertisers recieve through all multi-platform advertising ventures!

The Extras; How do I get more exposure on

After an advertiser has been a "Suggested Website" for 1 year, they then become eligible for additional advertising on select premium banner spots through out Spaces are very limited, and some so highly deisred (such as the front page) that advertisers often have to wait for spaces to become available.

Page Sponsorship (4/67 available)
$100 Annually

Site Sponsorship (0/3 available)
Price on Request

Front Page (0/10 available)
Price on Request

We also offer Special Individualized Advertising Packages that can be tailored to meet each advertiser's specific needs or marketing goals. Do you have an idea for a some great viral marketing? See some empty space on that you have an idea for? Or maybe you want us to come up with something special? Some examples of special advertising placements are, PDF Archive Branding, Minerals LIVE, WTBM MacAvoy Mondays, and Widget Thursdays.

email PuStuff(at) to discuss how can help your business gain internet exposure!

Special Advertising Packages
Price on Request

Need a few days of concentrated promotion for your sale, event, or new find? How about your company banner as the "Featured Website" for 3 consecutive days. Maximum exposure, and only available to "Suggested Website" advertisers who have been with 2 or more years.

(advertisers may only purchase this option 3 times within a 12 month period)

Other Websites; Can I advertise on your other mineral websites? family of media outlets periodically offers advertising on our other mineralogical websites.
$100 (2/23 available)
$80 (6/24 available)

Beyond the obvious benefits of having your banner ad and a sample of your wares showcased on our website, you get this interactive service for a mere cents a day!

We accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks & Money Orders as payment for advertising. PayPal payments should be sent to Credit Card payments will show up on your monthly statement as The Uncarved Block.

To become a Vug Suggested Websited, send an email to does not endorse, represent, or otherwise judge any website or person represented herein. We reserve the right to delete the content of any person, business or entity suspected of any business practices judged inappropriate from this forum.


Send all questions, requests, business to

Make checks payable to

Pu Tzu
112 N. Main Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Press Releases; What is your policy on press releases?
- "Suggested Website" advertisers are allowed up to 2 press release articles a year. Release will be hosted, created, and promoted on and our other media outlets. Advertiser is responsible for reserving dates for release and providing pictures and text; contact PuStuff(at) for further details

- Clubs, Organizations, Non-Profits, Schools, Museums, ect. are allowed (and encouraged) to submit press releases to at no charge. (unlimited)

- Non paid advertisers (retail & wholesale websites listed free of charge) may announce 1 press release a year, that will be hyperlinked on the front page for 1 day. It will not be hosted to server, or promoted on any of our other sister websites or affiliated media outlets.