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Mineral Auctions are the Best Way to Buy Minerals, Gems and Rocks at Auction. Crystal auction websites are places to find minerals at low prices and find sleeper deals on fine minerals. Take a look at these dealers and mineral auction websites.

On-line Auction Websites for Minerals
Lehigh Mineral Auctions
The Mineral Gallery Auctions
Wendel Minerals
Weinrich Mineral Auctions
Suggested Websites


e-Rocks is special market place for rock & mineral enthusiasts.

Our mission is to provide an online centre for Buyers and Sellers with the back up of good technology, reliable service and support.

Everyone is welcome!!

Buyers: You will see a selection of top minerals from a variety of Sellers presented to you in one place.

Sellers: You are welcome to list a single specimen or an entire collection. We will help you market your merchandise to get the best results.

Advertisers: Dealers and Sellers with their own websites and shops are welcome to advertise through their listings on this site

Featured Auction: Tourmaline

Location: Mawi, Laghman Province, Afghanistan

Size: H:4.3cm x W:1.2cm x D:1cm

Item #: KRM84397

Comments: An interesting new finds of blue caped tourmaline from Laghman. The specimen could further be cleaned. Undamaged.

A-C D-H I-L M N-R S-T U-Z Lap/Gems/Jewelry

Lehigh Minerals
Lehigh Minerals Featured Item

Location: Sweetwater Mine, Viburnum Trend District, Reynolds County, Missouri

Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm

Item: 45 11hedwil

Comments: Multitude of iridescent colors of blue, magenta, and golden Chalcopyrite crystals.

A-C D-H I-L M N-R S-T U-Z Lap/Gems/Jewelry


New auctions added and closing every week.
Emerald Calcite Pink Flourite

Emerald: handsized matrix, 1 inch gem crystal with pyrite inclusions, for which I happily paid $700! Valued at $1000. Sold at auction 3/6/03

Calcite: Exceptional 8 cm sharp crystal with rich color and unusually superb termination. Valued at $100-200. Sold at auction 3/6/03

Pink Fluorite: 18 cm plate

While you were snoozing...somebody "stole" this emerald
specimen for $280 and this very fine calcite crystal for $17.33.

Featured Auction: Manganoan Calcite (fluorescent!)

Location: Nchwaning II Mine, Kalahari manganese fields, South Africa

Size: 4.5 x 3.4 x 1.7 cm

Ex Charlie Key dealer stock.

Comments A fabulous, highly scultpural cluster of pastel-pink manganoan calcite crystals from the famed Nchwaning II Mine. The piece looks like cauliflower heads and stems at opposing angles! It looks great from both sides. SUPER pink fluorescence.

A-C D-H I-L M N-R S-T U-Z Lap/Gems/Jewelry

The Mineral Gallery Auctions
Featured Item: Gold Spinel Twins
The Mineral Gallery Auctions Featured Item

Location: Mockingbird Mine, Mariposa County, California

Size: 3 cm by 2.1 cm in size

Item: Item #A8

Comments: This specimen was among the first Native Silver specimens to be found at the Imiter Mine in Morocco. A single Quartz boulder was collected shortly before the and broken into several specimens which exposed the rich nest of Native Silver! The matrix is a cluster of incomplete and complete Quartz crystals with a few terminations here and there pointing outwards from the center.

A-C D-H I-L M N-R S-T U-Z Lap/Gems/Jewelry

Weinrich Mineral Auctions

Specializing in live auctions of top quality mineral specimens. As a full-time professional mineral dealer I travel the world searching for the best specimens; there is almost always something new.

brought to you by Dan & Diana Weinrich

Featured Item: Scheelite with Muscovite, Albite, Beryl-Scheelite

Location: deposit, Sichuan Province, China

Size: 4.9 x 4.3 x 4.0cm

Item #: S3023246

Comments: A beautiful deep orange partly gemmy lustrous sharply formed undamaged crystal of scheelite measuring 4.9 x 4.3 x 4.0 cm in size is set on a 10.4 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm matrix of crystallized silvery muscovite and white colorless lustrous small albite crystals. The color and transparency are superb for this species!

A-C D-H I-L M N-R S-T U-Z Lap/Gems/Jewelry

Wendel Minerals

We are Karin and Wolli. Both of us have been collecting minerals since we are small children. So we also met on a mineral show, felt in love undergrounds in the old mines of the Lavrion district and married 1 year later-this was in 1997. Short time later we bought a big old farmers house to have plenty of space for our minerals. Our career as mineral dealers started in 1986. Our specialities are minerals from the Black Forest , the Lavrion district in Greece and at least worldwide old timed specimen and esthetic minerals.We?ve written several articles about the minerals of Lavrion and the Black Forest. So we are the onliest autors who have written two complete Lapis double issues. Also we are owners of one of the world?s best Lavrion collections. Several pecimen are self collected underground and also boght directly from the localpeople-that?s the secret of our good prices. So please test us, our seriousity and authenticity-you will be surprised.

Featured Item: Clausthalite

Location: Tilkerode | Harz Mts. | Germany

Size: 8.9 x 8.8 x 4.8 cm

Comments: You are looking at an exceptional, and especially very old specimen with a great historic original label. Characteristic grainy clausthalite inclusions in carbonate matrix. Specimen as well as label probably date circa 1870.

Other Websites of Interest

Argentum Auctioneers

Argentum Auctioneers is a Massachusetts based auction house. Our primary mission is to auction mineral specimens, gemstones, fossils, mining memorbilia, historical papers and photographica.

>In the past 19 years we have held more than 32 voice auctions and sold thousands of specimens. With 100% customer satisfaction and a customer list in the thousands we can meet the needs of any client. Our goals are to bring to you, our customer, outstanding specimens while generating a fair return for our consignors.

Bonhams & Butterfields

Since its inception in 1998, the Natural History department has conducted a series of seven auctions, firmly establishing the company as the forerunner in the field internationally.

With consignments culled from private collections, paleontologists, fossil preparators, quarry and mine owners, the auctions are successful in providing specimens which are fresh to the market.

A wide range of categories are offered including: unmounted faceted and cabochon gemstones; cat's eye and other rare phenomenal gemstones; mineral specimens; amber, pearls, seashells, meteorites, archeological artifacts, petrified wood, ammonites, plant and animal fossils and dinosauria. Prices range from $500 to $200,000 with items of interest to both seasoned and novice collectors, enthusiasts and interior decorators.

With each category drawing significant numbers of new consignors and buyers, and achieving strong prices through international, competitive bidding, Bonhams & Butterfields is now a recognized leader in the sales of Natural History of all sorts.

Our auctions are fully illustrated online and through our catalogues and are viewable in person at our Los Angeles galleries.

Kevin Conroy Minerals

It's been a while since I've updated my website. Between selling a house, work, and taking a trip out to the Denver show I didn't have much spare time. Anyway, an update has been posted, including minerals from new finds: epidote and prehnite from Mali, spessartines from Brazil and China, mordenite and cavansite from India, orpiment from Russia, and tourmaline from Brazil.

Also, the mineral auction site I'm involved with is hosting the annual Rocks and Minerals magazine color fund benefit auction.

Regular auctions there will begin October 1st. We plan on having two per week from then on, ending on Monday and Thursday evenings at 8 PM Central Time. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Edwards Minerals

Happy New Year! I am finally back from all of my holiday visits. Since I survived relatives, assembling my sons' presents, and holiday traffic, I thought I would celebrate with a 15% off sale! Everything, in all galleries, is reduced until January 21.

Also, I know many people in the countries that were hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami. Thailand and Sri Lanka are sources for many gemstones and minerals. 10% of all sales in January, including auctions and eBay, will be donated to reconstruction efforts in those countries

We participate in the auctions at John Veevaert's website mineral-auctions.com Auctions are held twice a week. Check out the site for some bargains!

Lehigh Minerals

I am going to stop at 64 this week on this week's auction. It includes a very nice selection with 16 fine Chinese specimens.

I have also posted another page of pink octahedral fluorites from Mexico

The Mineral Gallery/Exceptional Minerals

Two Websites The Mineral Gallery & Exceptional Minerals: Museum Quality Specimens

Offering a large assortment of top quality mineral, crystal, and rock specimens in all sizes. We also feature a very popular bi-weekly rock and mineral auction. Cabinet sized mineral specimens are our speciality and offers are always welcome! Come on in and browse the rooms and enjoy the beautiful mineral photographs. Layaway installment plans are also available for larger or multiple purchases!


TMG Auction 102 is open and ready for bidding! This will be the final mineral auction of the year and will feature perhaps the best offering of all!

Auction 102 can be found at this link: http://www.exceptionalminerals.com/auction.htm

Steve Perry Gems

The second of the three 2004 Munich Show Gem and Mineral Auctions is now running! These auctions are a collaborative effort of Trinity Minerals and Steve Perry Gemstones during the international gem and mineral show this week in Munich, Germany.

Gemstones to be auctioned during the show include new finds of Chrome Sphene (Titanite) from Russia; and recently acquired Fluorite from Pakistan, Red Beryl, and the very rare Jeremejevite. We will be adding more gemstones to the auctions as we make special purchases from foreign dealers during the show.


2005 Munich Show Gem and Mineral Auctions

Trinity Mineral Company

Please see our complete ad in the Mineral Dealers Category


UC Minerals

First, many thanks to those of you who have checked out the auctions at John Veevaert's site the last few weeks. They have been a great success and I expect to continue to participate. The new auctions are slated to begin in early March...check my site often for notices. (I will post a note in the upper right corner of my webpage each time there is an ongoing auction with my material in it, so check back frequently. )

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